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Mike Pompeo under Palestinian Heat amid Decision on Israeli Settlements

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Following Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s statement from last week on the legality of Israeli settlements in the West Bank territory, the Palestinian authorities announced to launch protests throughout the territory at all the military checkpoints Tuesday.

Speaking on the protests, the Palestinian officials said that Tuesday will be a “Day of Rage” and people will condemn Pompeo’s statement that the settlements in the West Bank do not violate international law.

Continuing with the approach to favor Israel, last week, Pompeo withdrew from the 1978 State Department legal opinion that identified the settlements “inconsistent with international law”.

Stating late former President Ronald Reagan’s famous 1981 assessment that the settlements in West Bank were not “inherently illegal”, Mike Pompeo said, “After carefully studying all sides of the legal debate… the establishment of Israeli civilian settlements in the West Bank is not, per se, inconsistent with international law.”

The statement did not go down well with the Palestinian authorities and as a result, according to Issam Baker, the coordinator of National and Islamic faction in Ramallah city, the protesting groups held meetings to decide the ways to protest against the recent statement from Pompeo.

Speaking on the protests, Abbas Zaki, a member of political party Fatah, said that the protests will occur at the same time when the Palestinian leadership will voice concerns before various global organizations.

This is not the first time that a US official is favoring Israel, irrespective of the impact it could have on the people living on both sides of the settlements.

Earlier in March, President Donald Trump acknowledged the Israeli jurisdiction in Golan Heights. He even claimed the Israeli settlements in Golan Heights “of critical strategic and security importance to the State of Israel and Regional Stability!”.

Deputy Chairperson of Fatah, Mahmoud al-Aloul, in response to imminent protests, said that the Palestinian factions have devised a strategy for “field action on all levels to confront the occupation in light of unprecedented [Israeli] violations against our people”.

“The Palestinian leadership is headed toward ending all signed agreements with Israel in wake of the continued crimes and violations against our people,” he added.

Apart from the criticism by Palestinian authorities, more than 100 Democrats sent a signed letter to the Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, criticizing the decision that Israeli settlements in the West Bank territory are as per the international law.

Pompeo’s decision is considerably upsetting in terms of maintaining regional peace in the Middle-East and completely biased. On the other hand, the decision to protest at military checkpoints throughout the West Bank by Palestinian authorities might not gain much success, especially since Palestine stands at a weaker and lower platform considering its past involvement in radical actions.

How the events will unfold on Tuesday and will the international organizations finally condemn Mike Pompeo and the US administration, are two questions many look forward to.


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