December 10, 2022

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Military maneuvers on the border with Afghanistan: Preparing for an emergency

As of: 08/07/2021 00:06

The Taliban’s progress in Afghanistan has alerted Central Asian states. They are afraid of border conflicts and the infiltration of radical forces. They are doing emergencies with Russia.

Christina Nagal, ARD Studio Moscow

Russia’s Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu will not be so easily offended. But he also worries about the situation in Afghanistan: the rise of the Taliban, refugee movements, the resurgence of drug trafficking, and the return of Islamic terrorist groups. “We see how actively the so-called Islamic State troops from various regions, including Syria and Libya, are moving there. We are also noticing how well these troop movements are well organized,” he describes the situation.

Christina Nagal
ARD Studio Moscow

Experience shows that the deterioration of the security situation in Afghanistan has always affected Russia’s allies, Central Asian neighbors. Shortly after international forces withdrew, more than 1,000 government troops fled Afghanistan to Tajikistan. In early July, a young Berg Badachan said in a video released by the regional administration: “We have no choice but to return to neighboring Tajikistan as the Taliban advance towards the border.”

Concerned about terrorist attacks

Two temporary refugee camps have been set up in Tajikistan. For a short time, hundreds of Afghan families took refuge in the neighboring country. For Tajik State, one of Asia’s poorest states, this is not only a problem financially, but Russian military expert Alexander Coles explains: “You can not avoid talking about the fact that these refugee movements are infiltrating. The culprits of drug trafficking are creating new opportunities.”

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There is also concern that Islamist militants may be hiding among refugees. Those who can cause terrorist attacks at any time or lift recruits. Coles had no illusions around the area: “Whoever is a soldier in the government army today may be a terrorist tomorrow. Tomorrow is a soldier’s time in the government army again the next day.”

Refugees must return

This is one reason why the Tajik government has done all it can to send refugees quickly. It was said that they had adequate security guarantees from the Afghan side.

Confidence in the Taliban’s assurances that there is no danger to its neighbors seems low. The President of Tajikistan, Emmoli Rashmon, has ordered the precautionary mobilization of 20,000 reserve troops: “Tensions are high in neighboring Afghanistan, especially on the border. We must be prepared.”

A maneuver as a sign

Russia, which has a large military base in Tajikistan, has already promised emergency support. Since Thursday, they have wanted to send a clear signal with a collective maneuver. Russia’s Defense Minister Shozhu has said that combat operations will be carried out to destroy armed groups, which will strengthen the security of spies and key objects from the air.

At the time of the maneuver, Russian troops were re-strengthened in Tajikistan – to 1,800 men. Technology has also greatly improved. As of August 10, about 2,500 soldiers from Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan will be involved in the maneuver.

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