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Siko boss Heusgen urges NATO and Turkey to come to an agreement. Other experts are now exploring the background to the Turkey controversy. News ticker.

Updated June 2, 2:15 pm: Turkey has not submitted to the debate over whether Finland and Sweden should join NATO. “We still have concerns about Finland and Sweden’s NATO membership applications,” said Fahrett Altun, the Turkish president’s communications director, at an event on the importance of NATO in the 21st century, according to CNN Türk. “Concrete steps, concrete guarantees” are still expected from Scandinavian countries. Al-Tun called for “a halt to political support for terrorism.”

Turkey accuses Sweden and Finland of backing the banned PKK, an internationally recognized terrorist organization. Here Altun also called for “a halt to the supply of arms to the PKK and the YPG.” YPG is considered an ally of the International Coalition in the Fight against IS Terrorist Fighters. However, Turkey regards the YPG as a Syrian branch of the PKK. Altun said he would not change his position if Turkey did not meet its demands.

Finland and Sweden join NATO: Turkey does not feel “time pressure”

Updated June 5, 5:09 p.m.: During his visit to Madrid, Ibrahim Kalin, a spokesman for Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, once again spoke about the possible NATO link between Finland and Sweden. “We do not think it’s necessary to do that,” he said. ” Daily News State News Agency Anatolu. It is important to state clearly, explicitly, and specifically how Sweden and Finland want to act against terrorism. The NATO summit in Madrid at the end of June is not a deadline.

Sweden, Finland join NATO – Finland wants to do “homework” with Sweden

Updated June 1, 1:50 pm: During the discussion on the Turkish siege on Sweden and Finland joining NATO, Finnish Foreign Minister Becca Havisto stressed that they would continue their dialogue with Turkey. “Together with Sweden, we will do our homework and prepare for Turkey’s questions,” Havisto was quoted as saying by Euronews at a news conference.

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Earlier, he announced that Helsinki might be interested in Turkish weapons and the possibility of arms deals. “Some weapons technology from Turkey may be of interest to Finland,” Havisto said, according to the British newspaper. Financial Times. He referred to it as “drones and other systems.” However, he did not want to rush.

Sweden and Finland join NATO – Stoltenberg hopes: “We will find a way”

Updated June 6, 6:20 pm: NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg is optimistic that Sweden and Finland will soon be allowed into NATO, despite Turkey’s concerns. “I hope we find a way forward,” Stoltenberg told a joint news conference with US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen on Wednesday. Flinken said: “There is a broad consensus within NATO that Sweden and Finland should quickly join the alliance.”

Sweden and Finland in NATO? The Erdogan government with the new demand

Updated June 7.50 at 7.50am: Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu has called for a change in Finnish and Swedish counter-terrorism laws in the wake of discussions on the annexation of Finland and Sweden to NATO. Cavusoglu told the state news agency that Turkey’s position would not change without changing the respective laws. Anatol. Turkey demands a tough stance from both countries on the banned PKK and Syrian OPG. The Gülen organization, which has been blamed in Turkey for the coup attempt in 2016, should not be tolerated.

“We explain very well why we oppose it. We will illustrate it with examples, photos and videos,” said Turkey’s anti – NATO access to the Scandinavian countries, among other things. Noted Anatol Negotiations with Finland and Sweden. “While these talks are ongoing, these terrorist organizations are protesting against Turkey,” Cavusoglu stressed. He accused the Scandinavian countries of allowing the activities of the group, which is classified as a terrorist organization by the European Union.

Cavusoglu asked for written responses from Finland and Sweden. In talks with delegates from Helsinki and Stockholm, written requests were handed over to delegates and we are now awaiting written responses to Turkish concerns. He justified this by saying: “Government may change, new government may come. You may say, ‘We do not know.’ After joining, their status may change. So we like everything in writing.

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Sweden and Finland join NATO: Turkey blocks – and Putin risk victory

Report from May 30: Munich / Stockholm – Tuesday Turkey continues to block Finland and Sweden from joining NATO. Christophe Hussein, President of the Munich Security Conference, sees the serious danger in NATO dissent: a possible victory for the Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Turkish NATO siege of Sweden and Finland: Expert warns Putin of “victory”

Opposite The world Hussein stressed the strategic relevance of close ties with Turkey: “We are very interested in close cooperation.” At the same time, he acknowledged considerable difficulties with Ankara: “It is often difficult with Turkey.” The end will come. If we fail, Putin will win.

Regardless of the future course of the United States, the defense expert said: “We Europeans and Germans must of course take more responsibility in the world.” Van insisted. President Olaf Scholes and his traffic light government announced a turning point So it should be implemented “quickly”. The United States cannot be changed on the basis of security policy. Nevertheless, it is important for Americans to become a better partner.

Christoph Heusgen © IMAGO

For example, “rapid reaction force” is needed, “we can act even when Washington is out”. With regard to increased Conflict in Ukraine Heusgen clarified: “We must do everything we can to help Kiev, including the supply of heavy weapons, because Ukraine is protecting us and the security of NATO countries.”

Sweden, Finland want to join NATO: Biden sees no danger of joining government

In the meantime, further improvement The struggle with Turkey for the annexation of Sweden and Finland is not clear. According to the report, most experts see no risk of Sweden and Finland joining New York Times On Monday. On the contrary, according to analysts, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is ready to advance his own defense policy interests. In addition, Erdogan is keen to make a name for himself as he faces elections in Turkey next year.

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The government of US President Joe Biden also expects Turkey, Sweden and Finland to reach an agreement. U.S. Ambassador to NATO Julian Smith told Ankara: “Looks like you have a problem with Finland and Sweden, so we will leave it to them.”

Former US Ambassador to Turkey and Finland Eric Edelman was more skeptical. The diplomat warned against Turkey’s pro-Russian efforts. Erdogan wants to pacify Putin after his country Drones have been delivered to Ukraine. “He has a very difficult relationship with Putin,” he said New York Times“It simply came to our notice then. I am still useful to you. ‘”

When asked by the newspaper, expert Emre Becker, like Hussein, suggested that a compromise could be reached by the end of June before the NATO summit in Madrid. Rather than expressing his own demands for dealing with Kurdish separatists and lifting the Swedish arms embargo, Erdogan is not worried about concessions from the United States.

Security expert Hussein calls for more EU involvement in the Balkans and Africa

Meanwhile, Hussein focused his attention on the Balkan region and Africa beyond a United NATO on the annexation of Sweden and Finland. The EU must expand and consolidate its spheres of influence. In the Balkans, for example, the EU is “the most important donor, the most important trading partner, the most important investor.” Russia And Turkey will be more influential in the Balkans. The President of the Munich Security Conference called on the European Union to further clarify its commitment. You need to create more media presence and appear more in public.

China has long expanded its sphere of influence to include South America and Africa. Fame that Housson noted United States In some regions it is worse than expected. According to Hussein, Germany and the European Union should give more to African countries: “We must compensate for the fact that the Chinese are investing more everywhere than we are.” , Development policy and economic forces. ” (LP)