September 25, 2022

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Missing man found dead on Zermatt glacier 32 years later

Tragic confirmation after 32 years: Mountaineers find a corpse on a melting glacier near Zermatt. This is a missing person from Noordingen.

The fate of a man from Nürtingen who has been missing in the Swiss Alps since August 1990 has now been clarified. In late July, the body of the 27-year-old was found on a glacier near Zermatt in the Swiss Valais region, Reutlingen police headquarters and the Stuttgart public prosecutor’s office said on Tuesday. Nordingen is 25 kilometers south of Stuttgart in the district of Esslingen.

According to the report, the young man was on a multi-day mountain trek from Chamonix to Tomodozola in August 1990. However, he did not reach his destination, which is why investigators considered it an accident. Extensive search operations by the local authorities and a general search launched were unsuccessful.

Missing man from Nordingen identified by DNA comparison

Now, on Tuesday, July 26, climbers found the remains of a person on the Stögze glacier near Zermatt and associated equipment released by the glacier. A DNA comparison was able to establish beyond doubt that it was the then 27-year-old from Noordingen.

The retreat of the glaciers is bringing to light more and more missing alpinists who were said to have disappeared decades ago, Valais canton police wrote in a statement.

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