December 7, 2022

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Mobilization Continues: Putin’s Death Plan Plans for His Recruits | Politics

Putin lies about his soldier recruitment.

He wanted to mobilize 300,000 soldiers, but as many volunteers came forward it ended up being 318,000, the warrior said in the past few days. But above all that said Putin On mobilization: “Yes, it is over. end point set.”

But that is not true. In fact, he lays the groundwork for further movement – and secretly. “We should consider any public statement that Putin makes as an attempt to lie to himself first,” explains Russia expert Sergey Chamleny.

He tells Bild: “The term partial mobilization is misleading from the start. It is never possible to mobilize all men of working age. Every mobilization is a partial mobilization.” Chamleni feels that the mobilization is still ongoing and will be significantly larger than before. Russia Claims.

︎ Research by data scientists shows that the number of marriages has risen sharply, according to Sumlenny. “500,000 additional marriages have taken place in Russia in the last three months. If soldiers die in battle, surviving wives receive compensation,” the expert explains.

This indicates that 500,000 Russians have been drafted in recent months. Because: Not all drafters get married — and some are already married.

“Putin Sends Soldiers Straight to Their Deaths”

One thing is clear: Putin did not sign the decree to end the mobilization. According to his spokesman Dmitry Peskov, this is not necessary. But: Putin signed.

► According to an analysis by the US think tank “Institute for the Study of War” (ISW), this includes expanding soldier status to men serving in voluntary organizations – while also creating incentives for voluntary service. By exceptions from prior service. And: Putin signed a decree that allows Russian authorities to round up people convicted of serious crimes.

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“Reports of fallen soldiers in Russian local media indicate that draftees have a life expectancy of one to two weeks. Local newspapers write the draft date and the date of death in their reports on the soldiers. Then there’s a z. B. ‘Enlisted: September 20, Dropped: October 1,'” says Samleny. .Such cases are numerous.

It is clear to the expert: “Putin is trying to buy time. This time he paid with the lives of his subjects. If he attacks Ukraine Not slow with thousands of corpses, he loses his southern part. Putin sends draftees straight to their deaths.

Samleny: “However, many Russians ignore it, they are happy to be invited. The Russian campaign with these people has been very successful.

“Putin will need mobilization”

Apparently, Putin wants to fake the end of mobilization to ease social pressures at home. Because it has been falling apart since the mobilization was announced at the end of September.

According to Ukrainian data, Russia loses 600 to 800 soldiers per day. That’s not surprising, Chamleni explains, because soldiers are sent to the front without any training.

His conclusion: “Putin will continue to need mobilization. Russia lost 70,000 soldiers. By comparison: 10 years in Afghanistan cost the much larger Soviet Union 15,000 soldiers.

Rumors of a second official mobilization

Now Russian opposition media are reporting that officials and institutions are preparing for a second wave of mobilization beyond the upcoming annual conference, which has been postponed by a month. The governors of Rostov, Kursk and Voronezh regions have already talked about one.

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Either way, ISW writes: Whether Putin secretly mobilizes or calls for a second wave of recruitment at some point, the Kremlin’s effort to find enough men for the war is clear.

In addition to combat inexperience, it is also clear that the Russian army is poorly equipped. There is reportedly a shortage of sleeping bags and clothing for the winter, and recruits have to pay for their protective clothing out of their own pockets.

The Russians continue to retreat

ISW writes that the Russian withdrawal continues in the Luhansk region (Liman, Svadovo, Kreminna) and the large city of Kherson. The new recruits, with their poor training, could do little more than slow down the Ukrainian offensive. Even in the difficult city of Pakmut, where the situation seemed more favorable to the Russians at times, they made no significant progress.

The footage shows the Russian army making the same mistakes over and over again as if they were completely uncoordinated fighting without any cover for their infantry.