December 5, 2022

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Molnupravir in the market soon?

Will Molnupravir come soon?
EMA examines approval of anti-corona pill

A few weeks ago, the US team MST caused a stir: the corona drug Molnupravir halved the risk of serious illness in a study. And this can be taken as a pill. EMA is now exploring approval in the European market.

The European Drug Administration (EMA) has begun testing a new drug against Govit-19. According to the EMA, experts are reviewing data on the quality, safety and effectiveness of antiviral agents Molnupravir. According to the first test results, the product should weaken the effect of the corona virus on the body. This can prevent inpatient treatment and death.

Molnupravir is considered a beacon of hope in pharmaceutical research and was developed in collaboration with the American company Merck Sharp & Dome (MSD) and Ridgeback Biotherapeutics. According to pharmaceutical companies, this drug is said to halve the risk of hospitalization or dangerous disease for infected patients. It also has a huge advantage: Molnupravir can be swallowed as a pill.

The drug interferes with an enzyme used by the corona virus to copy and reproduce its genetic code. 775 high-risk patients participated in the Phase 3 study. Of those who took molnupravir, only a good seven percent were hospitalized or died – compared to 14 percent in the placebo group. However, according to MSD, the capsule only helps if taken within five days of the onset of symptoms. Previous tests have shown that the drug has no effect on critically ill patients in the hospital.

EMA experts are now examining data on drug quality, safety and efficacy. Upon completion of the test series, the manufacturer may apply for EU approval. EMA did not give time for this. MSD has applied for an emergency permit in the United States.

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