January 28, 2023

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Monday, 27 September 2021

The elevated camera always belongs to a cameraman.

(Photo: Imego Images / Zuma Wire)

Megan and Harry – they wanted to be a completely normal couple, No royal stench Further, No extra sausage, No special treatment, they wanted peace and quiet. Charged. They wanted to make moneyn, in the United States. That’s where they migrated and left a lot of burnt earth. Now? Now they are moving to New York with the simplicity of a super famous couple. Of course, they advertise good things, for example vaccine justice, and allow children who can’t run to read from Megan’s finally escaped book “The Me You Can’t Scene”, they drive The Biggest “Harry & Megan Show” In the distance. You talk ugly, including changing clothes frequently on Megan’s side “Wants to fool Diana” To explain. We don’t want to go that far. Megan is more likely to be seen between Angelina Jolie and Michael Obama. She probably thinks so. This is always noticeable for the couple The only cameraman Follows at every turn. As he wants to document that they will both do good in every breath.

So should entrepreneurial couples have their own agenda? According to “Page Six”, “H&M” is currently back A documentary about her life Netflix. When Harry and Megan visited the “Global Citizens’ Festival” in New York, the memorial to the September 11, 2001 attack and various other important places in the city, a particular cameraman – next to others, would always change their heels. As the “Built” newspaper suspects, part of the 85 million euro deal that Harry and his wife Megan signed with Netflix last year may be a documentary about their lives, so we briefly say that the couple should do something for themselves:

  • Netflix projects
  • Interview with Oprah
  • Books
  • Harry’s lament in a television documentary
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Overall – a lot of gravel! Like I said – in fact they wanted to be completely personal!