November 29, 2022

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More bodies found after glacier collapse in Italy

Three days ago, parts of the glacier broke off in Italy, taking many people with them: there are still people missing. Now more bodies have been recovered.

Rescue workers have found the bodies of hikers in the northern Italian Dolomites. As the autonomous province of Trento announced on Wednesday, the climbers are believed to be from the same rope group that was swept away by rocks, snow and ice on Sunday.



Officials initially did not release any details. At least seven people died in the avalanche, and a total of eight were injured, including two Germans. Authorities were looking for five more Italians. It was unclear early Wednesday whether the findings were one of them. From Thursday, firemen, police officers and mountain rescue teams with search dogs will have to go back to the Marmalade region.

On Wednesday, emergency services initially continued to search the area with drones as snow and debris could come loose again. Experts have also set up three monitoring devices to track the movements of the glacier masses. They must ensure the safety of rescue operations in the area currently closed to search.

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