December 10, 2022

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More contagious or deadly – or both: The researcher warns of the next epidemic

The future International spread Might be even worse than the current one Govt crisis – Warns Sarah Gilbert. The vaccine researcher and professor is one of the inventors of the vaccine AstraZeneca. He added that as part of a series of lectures – which are broadcast annually by the BCC – more funding should be available. Pandemievorsorge Provided to prevent loss of progress made.

He also warns against vaccines against it Omigron-variant May be less efficient. People need to be careful until they know more about the disease. “This is not the last time a virus has invaded our lives and ours,” he said Livelihood Threatened. That is the truth The next virus could be worse. It could be more infectious or it’s more dangerous, or both, “says Gilbert.” Because of the enormous economic losses we have suffered, funding for disaster preparedness cannot be allowed. The knowledge gained and gained should not be lost. Learn more about the new corona mutation Read here.

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Regarding the Omicron variant, the professor explains Spike-protein Known mutations Relocation Viral increase. “But there are other changes that lead to that AntibodyVaccines or other types of infections are less effective in preventing omega-3 infections, “the researcher explains.

Gilbert calls for rapid improvements in vaccine and drug delivery to be routine during epidemics. In her opinion, there is no reason why one should not Global Grippeimpfung Can be created to eradicate the threat of influenza.

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The researcher began developing a vaccine Corona virus, As Govt Shown in China. The Oxford and Astrazeneca vaccine is the most widely used vaccine in the world today, and it is used in many more. 170 countries Sent.

Which corona rules now apply in Bavaria? An overview can be found here.

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