December 10, 2022

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Mountaineering drama in Argentina: German dies in avalanche

Mountaineering play in Argentina
Germans killed in avalanche

Tragedy in the Southern Andes: An avalanche erupts near Mount Aguja Guillaumet during a trekking tour in Argentina. Any help to a German would come too late. A woman from Austria survived the crash with serious injuries.

In the south of Argentina, a German mountaineer was killed in an avalanche of debris and debris. An Austrian woman was also seriously injured in an accident near the Aguja Guillaumet (“Guillaumet needle”) summit on Thursday afternoon, official sources said. The third climber was not injured, so rescue crews were informed.

The body of a German mountaineer was recovered Friday. The 28-year-old Austrian suffered multiple fractures and was treated in the intensive care unit of a hospital in El Calafate, 2,750 kilometers southwest of Buenos Aires. All three climbers were experienced mountain guides, according to the local mountaineering organization.

The 2574-meter-high Guillaume Needle is located in Patagonia, south of the Andes on the border with Chile. It is part of the Mount Fitzroy Range. It is considered as one of the most accessible areas for trekking in the region. The guillotine needle is reminiscent of Henry Guillaume (1902-1940), the hero of the French airline Aeropostale. Guillaumet flew over the Andes over 300 times in the 1930s.

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