MTV VMA 2019: Taylor Swift’s Big Return and Massive Transformation

MTV VMA 2019: Taylor Swift’s Big Return and Massive Transformation

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The Taylor Swift and Kanye West controversy completes 10 years with MTV VMA 2019, but the world is still not over it!

With the fall season in the US comes viewers’ most favourite MTV Video Music Awards, which has seen a different phases of Taylor Swift since 2009 VMAs. From a vulnerable artist whose acceptance speech was interrupted by Kanye West, to a bold and powerful woman putting her political stance forward – Taylor grew stronger and wiser.

In her big return after four years, the pop singer was in all new colors at VMA 2019, leaving fans in awe, yet again. Opening this year’s show, Swift was seen in a lounge chair on the stage, as she was about to sing her latest pride anthem of the LGBTQ community, “You Need to Calm Down”. The live performance was joined by much of the familiar faces from the official video — Taylor’s good friend Todrick Hall as well as the plus-size model, actor, and choreographer Dexter Mayfield, among others.

Along with rainbow colors all across the hall, the audience was able to see the words “Equality Act” flash across the screen — calling out people to support the legislation that would bring specific protections for the LGBTQ community in various sectors.

The spotlight then shifted to the 29-year-old singer, who took the center stage with her pastel-color guitar with “Lover” written on its corner. In the debut performance of her four-days old song, Swift kept it minimal in her sparkly blue blazer, still creating a magical impact on the audience.

The VMAs have witnessed it all, from Taylor Swift singing “You Belong With Me” from her album Fearless in a shaky voice in 2009, to taking the stage by storm every other time she performed then on. Her last performance was with Nicky Minaj in 2015, where she surprised the fans as she sang “Bad Blood” in a glitter-red dress.

Apart from the performance, there has been a significant growth in Swift’s nomination as well. In 2009, the singer was nominated in just one category, which she won and was humiliated for by Kanye West. However, after a decade, she had record-setting 12 nominations.

Taylor Swift at VMA 2009

From the “Best Video by a Female Artist” win for “You Belong With Me” 10 years ago, Taylor Swift covered quite an erratic journey till winning the “Video of the Year” award for “You Need to Calm Down” on Monday. Moreover, while her first acceptance speech was interrupted, her most recent was calling out the Trump administration’s negligence of the Equality Act petition for LGBTQ rights.

She also stated that the call to sign the petition featured at the end of the official video “now has half a million signatures”. Swift acknowledges that since the people voted for her video, it suggests that they demand a world “where we’re all treated equally under the law”.

While the night gave space to several other artists, MTV VMA would always have a special context for the pop artist. Although Swifties would never forget Taylor’s first VMAs, the singer has covered a significant journey leaving all the bad behind.

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