December 10, 2022

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Murder before meeting the movie star: “Hollywood Ripper” gets the death penalty

Murder before meeting the movie star
The “Hollywood Ripper” receives the death penalty

In February 2001, 22-year-old Hollywood star Ashton Kutcher was expecting a date. It did not come. Michael Corciolo, now 45, has already killed the woman in his apartment. He is sentenced to death after 20 years.

A defendant known as the “Hollywood Ripper” has been sentenced to death in Los Angeles in connection with the murder of two women. Michael Corciolo, 45, brought “death and annihilation” in all his ways, the judge said Friday when the verdict was announced. One of those killed was an acquaintance of actor Ashton Kutcher, who testified as a witness at the trial.

Ashton Kutcher testified.

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Corciolo has already been convicted by an arbitrator in two murder cases in October 2019. His sentencing was then severely delayed due to practical matters and corona infection. Shortly before the death sentence was announced, Curciulo reaffirmed his innocence in court on Friday.

It is unlikely that Curculo will actually be implemented, at least not in the future. In the US state of California, the death penalty was carried out The death penalty has been officially abolished since 2019. The last time a prisoner was hanged was in 2006 in California.

Murder before meeting with Ashton Kutcher

Corciolo, among others, is responsible for the February 2001 murder of a 22-year-old man. The young woman was killed with 47 stab wounds in her Hollywood apartment. He was killed shortly before his planned meeting with Hollywood star Kutcher. The second victim was a 32-year-old four-year-old mother who lived in the area of ​​Carcio. He was beaten to death in his home in December 2005 and later killed.

Corciolo was arrested in 2008 for assaulting another woman who had escaped the attack. This woman testified against him at trial.

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