December 10, 2022

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My son survived a 35-foot fall at the Harry Styles party - it's a total miracle

My son survived a 35-foot fall at the Harry Styles party – it’s a total miracle

If Marion Hawkins didn’t know her son was from Fell from the upstairs balcony At a Harry Styles party, she would have thought she was a “exploding doll”.

The 39-year-old mother from Scotland was shocked – but grateful – that her 20-year-old son, Dylan Wood, was “relatively unharmed” from his horrific accident at the former boy’s party in Glasgow, Scotland, on Saturday.

“I wish I hadn’t seen the video,” Hawkins admitted to The Sun about The Snapshots taken by fans of the breakdown. “You can have a picture in your head of what it looked like, but seeing that was awful.”

Hawkins was in bed when she received the frightening call that Wood was injured and in the hospital.

“He’s in a high dependency (intensive care) because of his head and they have to keep an eye on him. He has a concussion and no fractures. He has two black eyes which I think his face might have been bumped, his nose was bleeding and that’s it,” she said. “He has a sore shoulder but Nothing was broken.”

She said it was heartbreaking to see her son on a ventilator for a day to stabilize him, but it’s a “complete miracle” that Wood is doing so much better now.

Dylan Wood fell from a high-profile balcony at Harry Styles’ party over the weekend. The young man’s mother describes his survival as a “miracle”.
SWNS. Getty Images

“We are all very relieved,” Hawkins shared, adding that he was “extremely tired and upset” about the unusual – and disturbing – incident.

His mum revealed: “I’ve been in Dylan’s life and only been to the hospital twice with asthma, then he turned 20 and broke his knee and needed major surgery.”

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“And he still goes to work and everything else,” she said of Wood, who is an electrical engineer. “He just deals with it.”

Despite Wood’s lack of prior health concerns, Hawkins said he may have used his remaining luck in the incident.

“I think he’s used up all his chips. I’ve used up his whole life now, and mine too,” she said.

“He won’t be allowed to do anything as he could get a bruise or a bump now.”