January 28, 2023

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Need a third dose ?: China has been vaccinated more than a billion times

Do I need a third dose?
China has been vaccinated more than a billion times

China has reached one billion in the number of vaccines over the weekend. But not everyone can be well protected against corona types by their own vaccines. Giving a third syringe has now come up for discussion.

China has crossed the one billion vaccine mark. About 20.23 million doses of corona vaccines were administered on Saturday, according to the National Health Commission. As a result, the total has risen to 1.01 billion, as can be seen from the data currently released.

China, among other things, is using the corona vaccine of the domestic manufacturer Synovac to immunize the population. According to a newspaper report, it has been shown to be less effective than the Biotech vaccine in a Hong Kong study. Individuals vaccinated with Covit-19 by biotech had “significantly higher” antibody levels than those vaccinated, the South China Morning Post reported Saturday, citing a government-commissioned study by the University of Hong Kong (HKU).

Despite being vaccinated with Sinovac

As for the synovial vaccine, a third booster vaccine may be needed in some cases. Most recently, doubts have been raised about the effectiveness of the synovial vaccine against viral mutations such as the delta variant, which was first detected in India. In Indonesia, officials recently reported that more than 350 health workers have been infected with the corona virus despite being vaccinated against synovitis. Most of the victims showed no symptoms, but dozens had to go to clinics for treatment.

In early June, the World Health Organization (WHO) issued the Sinovac vaccine as the second emergency vaccine approved in China. This means that the funds can be used by the Kovacs International Vaccine Program, which provides cholera vaccines to poor countries. It is manufactured in a conventional manner, while the vaccine of Mines company Biotech and its US partner Pfizer is based on the new MRNA technology.

Authorities also reported a total of 23 new corona cases on Saturday. In all cases, the infections were imported from abroad. So far, a total of 91,587 corona cases have been officially confirmed by the People’s Republic. The death toll from the virus is 4636. About 1.41 billion people live in the People’s Republic. This makes China the most populous country in the world.

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