January 28, 2023

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Need impartial investigation: Trump takes legal action against FBI probe

A neutral inquiry is required
Trump has taken legal action against the FBI probe

Former US President Trump criticized the FBI for raiding his Florida home. Now he’s also getting his lawyers involved. A neutral hearing should be conducted in court regarding the seized documents. They justify the prerogatives of the President.

Former US President Donald Trump wants to use a lawsuit to appoint a neutral auditor after the US Federal Police raided his assets. He wants to see documents that were secured during the operation in Mar-a-Lago, Florida. At the same time, the lawsuit filed by Trump’s lawyers in Florida on Monday requires state investigators to end their investigation by then.

Trump’s defense attorneys argue that the seized documents may be protected by the president’s executive privilege: “This matter has drawn the attention of the American people. If mere ‘appropriate’ security measures are unacceptable, that is not the case at hand. It is not about President Trump’s constitutional rights, but about the enforcement of privileges.” The document said. Executive power is the prerogative of the President to keep certain information confidential.

Hence “appointment of special representative with reasonable approach” would be a sufficient conclusion of the court. Trump’s defense lawyers insisted that law enforcement should not be used for “political purposes” and that the Mar-a-Lago search was “unprecedented and unnecessary.”

Documents have been released

During a raid on Trump’s properties two weeks ago, the FBI found and seized highly classified documents from his tenure. Trump has argued that he released the documents as president. Current presidents have far-reaching declassification powers. But there is a formal procedure with many high official steps to release the documents. Trump also said that all documents taken home have a permanent associated instruction.

The search sparked outrage in the United States and led to accusations by Trump supporters that the Justice Department was targeting Trump for political reasons. Many Americans expect Trump to run for president again in 2024.

A judge in the US state of Florida has begun partially releasing the documents in the coming days, based on which the search warrant was authorized. However, extensive revisions often make the document unreadable.

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