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Netanyahu Discusses Impacts of Iranian Threats ahead of NATO Summit

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With protests ravaging across Iran, President Donald Trump spoke with the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday to discuss the extent of Iranian threats and other grave issues.

The statement released from the White House in response to the call said, “The leaders discussed the threat from Iran, as well as other critical bilateral and regional issues.”

Last time, when both the leaders spoke on November 19, Netanyahu thanked Trump for recognizing that the Israeli Settlements in West Bank as legal.

The calls ahead of the NATO Summit this week point towards the efforts by Trump and Netanyahu to strengthen their relations, as the latter is facing charges like fraud and bribery and at the same time, struggling to remain in power.

The prime reason behind Iranian threat is the US withdrawal from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) in 2018, following which the US has continued to mount pressure on Iran by imposing multiple sanctions. The European countries, which were a part of the plan, failed to convince the US back on the deal, making the matters worse.

Moreover, Israel claiming that Iran would find ways to violate the JCPOA and will continue to support the radical organizations gave further rise to Iranian aggression against Israel.

On the other hand, the protests across Iran have claimed almost 200 lives till now. The Iranian armed forces, in a single incident, massacred around 100 people, who were hiding in a marsh.

These protests have not only added to the instability of the country, but also raised concerns from world leaders over the abuse of power by Iranian authorities.

With Israel taking part in the upcoming NATO Summit and meeting the leaders of the European countries, Netanyahu might discuss the rising Iranian threats, two-weeks-long protests, and its possible impact on all the NATO allies in the Middle East.

The Israeli leader has also condemned the recent participation of six European countries for joining INSTEX to boost trade with Iran. In a recent statement, Netanyahu even made a reference to World II for the participation of European countries in INSTEX.

“These European countries should be ashamed of themselves. Have they learned nothing from history? Well, apparently not. They are enabling a fanatic terrorist state to develop nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles, thereby bringing disaster to themselves and upon everyone else,” Netanyahu said.

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