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Netflix Documentary ‘The Great Hack’ to Make Internet Users Paranoid

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“Data is the most valuable asset on earth,” and a Netflix documentary The Great Hack would be releasing to inform the world how the personal possession of people is being used to manipulate political paradigm.

It hasn’t been more than a year since whistleblower and data scientist Christopher Wylie revealed the Cambridge Analytica scandal to The Observer. Connected dots, Jehane Noujaim and husband Karim Amer are bringing a cinematic version of the story before the epiphany, which would be enough to petrify our minds once again.

The couple also worked on The Square, an Oscar-nominated film about Arab spring. Their latest, The Great Hack would be highlighting the events, where millions of Facebook profiles were harvested and their covert data to skew their political perception.

In March 2018, British journalist Carole Cadwalladr broke the infamy through Cambridge Analytica ex-employees. The firm has been targeting people’s data for political campaigns, including President Donald Trump’s 2016 election campaign and Brexit. According to Wylie, they “broke” Facebook, deceiving people psychologically through fabricated political ads.

“They started using information warfare,” says Cadwalladr about Cambridge Analytica in the Netflix documentary trailer. “They’ve worked for the Trump campaign and the Brexit campaign.”

The story is narrated through the personal journey of two individuals: Brittany Kaiser, once a key player inside the scandalous firm turning into a whistleblower, and David Carroll, a New York media professor who sued Cambridge Analytica and its parent company SCL Elections.

In the trailer, Kaiser explains that the company aimed at people, who’s mind they could change until they saw the world as per their agenda.

During the Trump campaign, the US electorate was targeted through carefully customized messages about the Republican nominee across several digital platforms, including Facebook, Google, Twitter, Snapchat and YouTube. The Netflix documentary will be giving a thorough account of how Cambridge Analytica acquired nearly 5,000 data points about every American, during the campaign. Similarly, the UK citizens were also deceived.

While the film is yet to release, it already received a legal threat from Arron Banks. He is a British billionaire, who backed the pro-Brexit campaign Leave.EU.

Earlier this year, The Great Hack premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and became a hit. Later, it was picked by Netflix, which will be releasing the story on July 24. The documentary is expected to be an eye-opener, highlighting how the social media is being weaponized and manipulating people, when it was meant to connect them.

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