December 2, 2022

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New aid sought: Biden wants $ 33 billion for Ukraine

As of: 04/28/2022 8:03 pm

US President Biden has asked Congress for an additional $ 33 billion to help Ukraine in its war against Russia. Much of this is earmarked for military and security assistance.

The US government wants to provide billions more to Ukraine in the war against Russia. President Joe Biden has announced that he will allow an additional $ 33 billion (€ 31.4 billion) to Congress. Of that, $ 20 billion is to be used for military aid and about $ 8.5 billion for economic aid.

“The cost of this fight is not cheap,” he said. “But surrender to the occupation can be very costly. Either we support the Ukrainian people in defending their country, or we stand idly by while the Russians continue their atrocities and occupation in Ukraine.” NATO allies and EU partners will pay their “reasonable costs” for Ukraine’s assistance.

“No attack on Russia”

Biden insisted that the arms supply to Ukraine was not a US attack on Russia. He reiterated that Russian President Vladimir Putin would “never succeed in dominating Ukraine.”

The US Congress passed a budget in March allocating $ 13.6 billion in humanitarian, economic and military aid by the end of September. The money will be used to increase US forces in Europe and support neighboring countries that have been carrying large numbers of Ukrainian refugees.

However, the already approved assistance was not enough, Pitney warned and called on Congress to release additional funds as soon as possible. It is important to provide uninterrupted supply of weapons, ammunition and other assistance during the coming weeks. The additional funds requested will be invested until the end of September, i.e. the end of the financial year.

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New laws against oligarchy are planned

Biden also proposed a series of legislative changes in Congress to suppress Russian oligarchy. For example, it aims to make better use of the money seized from oligarchy to repair the damage done to Ukraine by Russia during the war.

He also denied Moscow’s allegations that NATO was waging a proxy war against Russia in Ukraine. “Troubled rhetoric from the Kremlin,” Biden lamented.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has accused NATO of waging a proxy war on arms supply to Kiev. Lavrov also spoke about the real danger of World War III. Considering such threatening words, Biden insisted: “We are ready for everything they do.” He called Russia’s statements about the danger of World War II and the potential use of nuclear weapons “irresponsible.”