December 10, 2022

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New Brexit rules: Great Britain refuses to enter EU citizens

New Brexit rules
The UK refuses to allow EU citizens

One of Brexit’s stated goals was to restrict freedom of movement in the British labor market. EU citizens often feel this way now. According to a media report, young people in particular should be barred from entering the country or leave the country as soon as possible.

UK officials have already denied entry to the UK to several EU citizens from Brexit. Among them are Germans. The reason is obviously new migration rules. According to the Foreign Office, the German embassy in London is “aware of a low single-digit number of cases in which German nationals have been temporarily detained at the airport after entering the country”. The victims, who were offered a couple of jobs as a reason to enter, were therefore released on condition that they leave the UK after a few hours. However, there were no known cases of Germans being “detained for long periods or detained in a detention center”.

The online portal “Politico” reported at least 30 people, including Germans, Greeks, Italians, Romanians and Spaniards. Some EU citizens have been detained for several days. The British Home Office did not specifically comment. “EU citizens are our friends and neighbors, and we want them to stay,” the authority in London said in a statement.

The ministry refers to the so-called EU settlement plan, which aims to guarantee EU citizens living in Great Britain before 31 December 2020. For example, this includes the right to live and work in the country and the use of the state health service. Citizens can apply until the end of June. “For those who have not lived here before that date, we need legal evidence to live and work in the UK, as the public expects,” the ministry said.

No visa?

EU citizens can enter the UK as tourists without a visa and stay for up to 90 days. However, if the authorities have reason to believe that EU citizens want to work in the country and are unable to provide the required documents, the UK Border Force is entitled.

One of the goals of the British government for Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Brexit is to end the independence movement. Since January, people new to the country and those who want to work there often have to apply for a visa. For young people who want to take up jobs as coaches, couples or speakers, meeting these requirements can be difficult.

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