January 28, 2023

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“New Connect”: This is what the huge electric highway has to do underwater

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This is what the colossal electric highway has to do with underwater

The end of the submarine’s power cable is pulled ashore by the cable-laying vessel in the watt area under the dyke.

Source: dpa / Carsten Rehder

The undersea power cable, planned between Germany and Great Britain, will carry up to 1.4 gigawatts of electricity, carrying about 1.5 million homes of energy in both directions. It must play a specific role in energy transfer.

MGermany and Great Britain want to easily trade and exchange electricity because it is an underwater “power highway”. The 720-kilometer “New Connect” undersea power cable will connect Wilhelmshaven to the Hu Peninsula on the Thames from 2026.

The so-called interconnector can carry 1.4 gigawatts of electricity in both directions – enough power for about 1.5 million households.

“From the point of view of the federal government, NeuConnect can provide significant economic and energy-related benefits,” the Ministry of Economy in Berlin said at the request. The project offers opportunities to break free from the German exchange network, reduce costs and integrate renewable energy across borders. Although “NeuConnect” is part of the federal demand program, the federal government does not contribute financially.

Release the power grid – do not waste renewable energy

Even the British government, which supports the project, paid no more than 4 1.4 billion (66 1.66 billion) for the cable. The Confederation of Investors is currently considering the costs of the largest single German-British project.

“New Connect will help ensure that renewable energy is not wasted,” the London-based Department of Commerce said. Recently, Great Britain, Norway, operated the longest undersea power cable in the world. There is already a connection between Germany and the Scandinavian country via the North Sea: “Nordlink” allows access to German wind power on the one hand and electricity from Norwegian hydropower plants on the other.

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Above all, the British hope the connection will cut costs for consumers. The price of electricity is still far higher than in Germany. The country, which has been an importer of electricity till now, will meet 5.4 per cent of its electricity demand from abroad by 2020. The country already operates several connections, for example France, Ireland and the Netherlands. More planned.

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Excessive power surrender

Germany, for its part, can supply excess electricity through “NeuConnect”. “The first connection of the two major European energy markets will lead to a more flexible and stable power supply in Germany and Great Britain,” said NeuConnect Deutschland GmbH.

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Coastal wind turbines are ready for loading at the Siemens Kamza in Cuxhaven

Prime Minister Johnson wants to significantly improve green energy and shape Great Britain into a “windy Saudi Arabia” by 2040. Capacity is expected to quadruple in 2019 from 10 GW to 2030. The United Kingdom wants to become an electricity exporter, writes Analysis of the German Trade and Invest (GTAI), a federally owned company.

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So far, however, Great Britain has relied on electricity imports. France is currently using it in controversy over fishing rights in the English Channel and is threatening to cut off supplies to Jersey’s Channel Island. However, the interconnector with France is currently unable to operate at full capacity following a fire at a British power supply center. This dramatically increased the pressure on electricity prices in the UK.

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