Pensacola Shooting

New Jersey Standoff Echoes Memory of Pensacola Shooting

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Last week’s Pensacola shooting in Florida has put the US-Saudi relations under immense pressure despite the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) not yet confirming if the shooting was a terrorist attack.

As per the recent update, 21-year-old Saudi national Mohammed Alshamrani obtained a 9mm Glock handgun, used in the attack, legally.

FBI’s field office in Jackson released a statement explaining how Alshamrani was able to purchase the handgun. As per the statement, Alshamrani purchased the firearm from a licensed Florida firearms dealer on July 20 after Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) issued him a Florida hunting license.

As an aftermath of the Pensacola shooting, Pentagon issued a no-fly rule for the Saudi aviation students across the country. However, the classroom training will continue to take place.

The rule was enacted after Defense Secretary Mark Esper called for an investigation of the attack at the naval base in Florida.

Speaking on the no-fly rule for the Saudi aviation students, Navy Lt Commander Megan Isaac said that the rule affects 303 Saudi students present at Pensacola, Whiting Field and Mayport naval bases, in Florida.

She added, “A safety stand-down and operational pause commenced Monday for Saudi Arabian aviation students.”

With Pensacola shooting still under investigation, another shooting incident at the Jersey City Kosher Supermarket in Jersey City, New Jersey, left the country in shock.

The shooting occurred on Tuesday around 12:00 pm and claimed the life of a police officer while injuring two other officers. The shooting also claimed the lives of three possible patrons or employers and both the perpetrators.

While the heavy gunfire exchange between the shooters and dozens of armed law enforcement officials killed the perpetrators, the attackers killed three innocent bystanders.

According to the reports, Detective Joseph Seals, who was killed in the action, first approached the attackers near a cemetery to which the men retaliated with gunfire, killing the police officer. The attackers then fled the scene in a stolen rental van and then attacked the Jersey City Kosher Supermarket using high-power rifles.

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