New Orleans Shooting

Post New Orleans Shooting, Will Supreme Court Modify Gun Rights?

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Repeated mass shootings have rattled peace across the country despite various calls for stricter gun laws. The recent New Orleans shooting near French Quarter has forced many to think about the Supreme Court’s decision on its first gun rights case in the decade.

New Orleans was rocked with two mass shooting incidents on Sunday, leaving two dead and 12 injured. The first shooting took place at 03.20 am local time on 700 block of Canal Street.

The incident took place when people in tens of thousands of numbers were in the downtown area to witness the Bayou Classic football game between Grambling State University and Southern University.

10 people were injured during the incident and were rushed to the University Medical Center and Tulane Medical Center. While no one lost their lives in the early morning incident, the afternoon shooting killed two and injured two others.

Even though both New Orleans shootings are still under investigation, the authorities are looking for any connection between the two shootings.

By the end of 2019, the total count of mass shooting incidents in the US might surpass 450, drawing attention towards the need of stricter gun rights.

The Supreme Court will hear arguments on Monday from the Second Amendment advocates, who will be challenging a New York City law which refrains the gun owners from carrying the firearms anywhere except to a handful of shooting ranges within the city.

However, there remains a possibility that the court might rule in the favor of gun allies like the National Rifle Association (NRA), conservative mass and others, and mass shooting incidents may witness a rise in the most populous city of the country as well.

Therefore, it remains yet to be seen, whether the highest judiciary will deliver its judgment on gun rights by taking recent New Orleans shooting and its impact on society in account? Or will the conservative majority influence the decision of the Supreme Court benefiting only the conservative base and corporations like the NRA?

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