December 4, 2022

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New problem bear at Carvendal? He killed 14 pregnant sheep and one lamb

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In: Joseph Hornsteiner, Johannes Welde

This bear was photographed a few days before the cracks near Schornitz © Private

One or more brown bears roam the border between Bavaria and Tyrol for several weeks. Again and again the sheep fall prey to them. Take action now.

Mittenwald – Moves for one or several weeks Brown bears across the border between Bavaria and Tyrol. Wildlife cameras have recorded bears near Allstod and Mittenwald and Schornitz (Tyrol) in the Karmish-Bartenkirchen district. Alpine farmers are quiet as no animals have been killed so far. But now one bear has killed 15 sheep in Carvandal. In the territory of Tyrolean, but on the Bavarian border.

Brown bear in Carvendal: Danger to Bavarian sheep owners

Gerhard Maurer of Leutasch, one of the two owners of the sheep: “I was summoned on Ascension Day by a hunter who found dead sheep near the Bäralp. We went straight up there and climbed up.” Bäralp is above the Corvental Valley, which is a good thing. 500 meters from the Bavarian border In the distance, in the middle of the famous hiking area. These sheep belong to Maurer and another sheep farmer. Moore: “When we got there, we saw dead sheep, beaten terribly, and four were still bleeding.” So the tears could not have been so long ago.

The bear killed the sheep, but rarely ate them
One of the torn sheep © Marr

Trouble for shepherds on the Bavarian border: The bear has torn up more pregnant sheep

Moore says of the dead animal, “There were 14 pregnant sheep and one lamb. Some of the sheep are still missing.”

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15 torn sheep in Tyrol: Did the bear come from Bavaria?

How did the bear get into a three-bar electric fence one meter high? Marr: “On the Bavarian side of our pasture, the electric fence broke more than three meters.” In some areas, the grazing reaches directly to the rocky slopes, on which sheep cannot climb, where there is no fence. Moore: “Maybe the bear got on there.” Tragedy: The sheep were taken to the barn only the previous Saturday.

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Goat owner panicked after Perenris: “I’m tired”

Marr: “When the dead sheep saw each other, I was tired. If a bear kills a sheep with hunger, I can live with it. But if he kills 14 sheep, I have no sympathy.” Maurer continues: “From a political point of view, it’s outrageous. Politicians have failed to protect 80,000 animals, including the alpine pastures in Tyrol.” In fact the alpine season has not yet begun. “Most of the cattle, sheep and goats have not yet been found.” Maureen and his friend drove the remaining sheep back into the valley on Thursday.

The border between Bavaria and Tyrol: one bear or many? DNA samples were taken

Even if it is the same bear Photo trap at the border for the past few weeks Is being tapped. Maurer: “It’s very possible.” However, DNA samples taken at Bäralp should be compared with other traces. “We do not know if this is a crime or if genetic testing is just beginning,” says Rainer Kersbeck, of the Tyrolean state government.

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A “black day” for Mittenwald mountain goat breeders

“It’s a black day for practical nature conservation, mountain and alpine conservation and, above all, biodiversity,” says Christian Nuner (Hawkl), longtime secretary of the Midtonwald Mountain Farmers. Maurer is a guard who has been breeding with great enthusiasm and work for decades. “His work was destroyed overnight,” Nunner laments. “Big loss. People often don’t realize what’s going on.” They think, yes, we should take the animals down. But what are the consequences of abandoning a centuries-old administration? “It simply came to our notice then. “The bear acted out of lust for murder in a frenzy of blood.”

The tyrant politician talks about the beginning

Joseph Keisler, state councilor for Tyrolean agriculture, reported to the ORF that an expert panel is already in place if the sheep are torn. . In addition to the possible shooting of the bear, it is also important to assess the danger to humans. According to Kaisler, the Corvendo Valley is a popular destination for many hikers and cyclists.

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