December 10, 2022

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New York’s Skyline as a Death Trap: Hundreds of Birds Crash into Skyscrapers

Skyline in New York is a death trap
Hundreds of birds crashed into skyscrapers

It is reminiscent of Alfred Hitchcock’s classic film: Hundreds of migratory birds perish in New York after flying against the glass facades of numerous skyscrapers. The problem is well known. But this time many factors confirm the particularly high number of victims.

Hundreds of migratory birds have died in collisions with skyscrapers in New York City this week. Animal rights activists’ tweets show dozens of dead birds in big cities. Activist Melissa Prayer said Tuesday that she had counted 200 dead animals around a World Trade Center. “When I got to the building, the birds were all over the sidewalk,” Prairie told the AB news agency.

Birds flying against the glass facades of many skyscrapers have long been a problem in New York. According to a 2019 study, 90,000 to 230,000 of them die this way in the city each year. But this week, the death toll is particularly high, said Caitlin Parkins of the New York City Environmental Organization. “We had a big storm, weird weather and a big flock of birds. It was the perfect combination,” Parkinson said. “The storm caused the animals to reach the city at low altitude or they simply seemed to be distracted.”

Animal welfare organizations such as New York City Autophone have been urging high-end owners to dim lights at night and equip windows with bird protection. Because the lights of the big city annoy the birds, especially when the sky is cloudy. “Make sure you can see the birds in front of the barrier so they can’t fly,” Parkinson said.

“We know that artificial night lights can attract and confuse migratory birds,” property manager Silverstein Properties’ spokesman told AP. “That’s why we encourage our office tenants to turn off the lights at night and reduce their blindness as much as possible, especially during train times.”

All the help taken by all the birds did not come late this week. Activists rescued 77 animals and brought them to a rescue center in the city. 30 of them have been nursed back into the wild. Ritamari McMahon, director of the rescue center, said: “One of our staff took us to Uzbek Park in Puspect Park and released them again.

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