December 5, 2022

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New Zealand PM frustrated: Government tries to deport bombers

The Prime Minister of New Zealand was disappointed
The government tried to deport the killers

The man who injured several people at the supermarket on Friday was previously thought to have been deported from New Zealand several times – without success. Two days after the crime, additional details about the killer come to light.

The New Zealand government has been trying for years to expel the militant who wounded six people in a knife attack on Friday. “This is a disappointing act,” said New Zealand Prime Minister Jacintha Artern. In July this year, during a meeting with the relevant authorities, he expressed concern that the law would allow anyone who fraudulently obtained his immigration status to pose a threat to national security.

The man was released from prison in July after serving three years in prison. He was shot by police at a supermarket in Auckland, New Zealand, shortly after his knife attack.

The attackers mistakenly obtained refugee status

According to court documents, the attacker was identified as Ahmed Adil Mohammad Samsudeen, 32, a Tamil Muslim from Sri Lanka. Accordingly, he came to New Zealand on a student visa 10 years ago and applied for refugee status, which was granted to him in 2013. It was later discovered that Samsudin had cheated the application. The procedure for revoking his refugee status was initiated.

Samsuddin was meticulously monitored by police and security agencies after posting sympathy for terrorist attacks and violent extremism on Facebook. Prime Minister Arden described Samsuddin as a supporter of the “Islamic State” ideology and a violent terrorist.

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