February 3, 2023

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Night of war at a glance: Secret Service: Kremlin’s plans extended to October – Fierce fighting for Svorodonetsk

Night of war at a glance
Secret Service: Kremlin’s plans extended to October – Fierce fighting for Sivzherodonets

Fierce fighting continues in Donbass. In the city of Zhivorodonetsk, the guards claim to have a chemical plant called Azot. The Ukrainian military intelligence service believes that Moscow has finalized its war plans by October. Meanwhile, the armed group Rainmet first reports “Mortar” tanks ready for delivery.

According to the governor, the azot chemical plant is still under control

In eastern Ukraine, fighting continues, among other things, for the city of Sverdlovsk. Ukrainian civil servants say the Russian army has opened fire on civilian infrastructure in the city, neighboring Liszansk and three other locations. Ukrainian units will withstand Russian attacks from many directions. The information was not verified independently.

The Azot chemical plant, where hundreds of civilians have taken refuge, is under Ukrainian control, said Sergei Kaitoy, the governor of the region. According to Ukrainian sources, about 800 people have taken refuge in several bunkers below the plant, including about 200 employees of the plant and 600 residents of the industrial city.

Sverdlovsk is the last large city in the Luhansk region, which is not yet under the control of Russian troops or pro-Russian separatists. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky spoke of the ongoing street fighting. According to Mayor Oleksandr Stryuk, Ukrainian troops control one-third of the Siverodonetsk. He stressed that the city had been without electricity and drinking water supply for two months.

Secret Service: Moscow’s plans are extended until October

According to the Ukrainian military intelligence service GUR, the Russian military is preparing for a longer operation in Ukraine. The Russian military leadership told GUR deputy director Vadim Skipitsky that the US military research firm ISW had adjusted its plan for another 120 days by October.

According to Skipitsky, the military leadership adjusts its operational targets on a monthly basis – acknowledging that the initial targets of the Russian offensive have not been achieved. The intelligence official said Russia had 40 battalions in addition to the 103 war battalions stationed in Ukraine. However, ISW experts believe that these were battalions thrown along with personnel from other divisions. Russia is unlikely to have significant reserves due to a lack of personnel at the front.

Difficult situation for Ukrainian troops

In recent days, Zelenskyy and other Ukrainian politicians have called on Western allies to send more heavy weapons and missiles as soon as possible. Because the conflict in eastern Ukraine is growing into an artillery battle, thanks to which the Russian military has large stockpiles of weapons and ammunition.

According to Ukrainian and Western estimates, Russian troops continue to record high casualties. In his daily video speech on Saturday, Selenskiz spoke of the approximately 32,000 Russian soldiers killed so far. The previous day, one of his advisers had said that the death toll from the Ukrainian army’s after the February 24 Russian invasion was about 10,000.

Rheinmetall “Marder” is ready for delivery

Many “Marder” armored personnel carriers from manufacturer Rheinmetall have been laid off by Bundeswehr but are now modernized and ready for use and can be delivered immediately to Ukraine. “We are in the process of repairing 100 martial infantry vehicles, and the first vehicles are already ready,” Armin Papperger, CEO of Rheinmetall, told Bild am Sonntag. “It is up to the federal government to decide when and where the martens should be issued.” Infantry vehicles have been requested by the Ukrainian government, but have not yet been approved by the Federal Security Council.

Candidate status for Ukraine will also strengthen the EU

Selenskyj again campaigned for his country to join the EU. He firmly believed that the decision on candidate status for Ukraine could strengthen the EU. During his visit to Kyiv on Saturday, EU Commission Chairman Ursula von der Leyen said the evaluation of Ukraine’s application for membership would be completed by next weekend. Your authority should make a recommendation considering the potential candidate status for the country. Ukraine hopes to achieve this at the EU Leaders’ Summit on June 23-24.

That will be important today

  • The war will continue to be centered in eastern Ukraine, especially around Zhivorodonetsk. In the long front row, there have been minor changes recently. The Ukrainian military is trying to block the advance of Russian troops and push them back in several places.

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