December 5, 2022

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Nine to five presidents – Joe Biden 100 days at the White House

Updated April 27, 2021 at 5:13 p.m.

  • Donald Trump has caused a stir in American politics during his four years as president.
  • His successor, Joe Biden, on the other hand, wants to ensure more peace and order.
  • Nevertheless, within 100 days of taking office, he has already completed a significant project.

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Politicians have to face their first major reserves after 100 days in office, according to former US President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Thanks to Roosevelt. In the midst of the global economic crisis he took office in 1933, implementing full laws and regulations in the first three months to free the country from trouble, thus formulating the idea of ​​a 100 day program. Since then, politicians in the United States and the rest of the world have faced this – really arbitrary – deadline.

To Joe Biden This Thursday time: then it is U.S. Democrats in office for 100 days. Biden began amid the crisis of the Roosevelt ratio: the catastrophic corona epidemic and the worst recession since the Great Depression. In addition, the pioneers left him Donald Trump Domestically a torn country and unprecedentedly broken glass pile in terms of foreign policy.

Can one get the score after Trump? Biden’s approval ratings ranged from 52 to 54 percent. It was solid, but did not clear. However, this is better than Trump, the only US president to hold office in recent history.

Enthusiasm and enthusiasm are not the overall leadmodif of an America under Pitan. At 78, he became the oldest president of all time at the White House.

It is not necessary for new beginnings and innovations, but rather traditions, reason, stability, prediction – and a little order after the chaotic Trump years. This is what he has provided so far.

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Joe Biden works on the political assembly line

Considering the crisis, Biden planned a lot for the first 100 days. On his first day in office, he signed nearly a dozen judgments, with which he overturned various Trump decisions: he guided them. United States He returned to the Paris Climate Agreement and the World Health Organization, and reversed entry barriers to many Muslim countries.

For more than three months thereafter, Biden worked relatively quietly on his 100-day effort. Despite some opposition from Republicans, he gave a huge stimulus package worth about $ 1.9 trillion to accelerate the complex economy.

He turned all the screws to speed up the corona vaccines. He promised to provide 100 million vaccines in the first 100 days after 60 days. He then doubled the target to 200 million vaccines and reached that after 90 days.

He has now put forward plans for a major investment project worth nearly two trillion dollars. He wants to revamp the country’s infrastructure and create millions of jobs. Some compare it to Roosevelt’s plan. It may be Pitton’s legacy. But there is still a long way to go.

Migration policy mixed. Biden was in charge on the first day A radical change of course: More humanity instead of isolation, integration instead of exclusion. But the government sent conflicting messages. The number of people trying to cross the border illegally is growing rapidly. In border camps, especially for children, conditions are exacerbated. This topic will become a real issue for Biden in the coming months. Biden commissioned his partner, Kamala Harris, to control immigration from Central America – which could distinguish itself or get a bloody nose.

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In terms of foreign policy, Biden began to reassure his allies that the United States could be relied upon (“United States The Biden government has been in talks with Russia to expand the “new beginning” of the nuclear disarmament agreement shortly before its expiration.

At the same time, Biden took a much tougher line than Trump against Moscow. As for Afghanistan, Biden was forced to act quickly and decided to postpone the express withdrawal announced by Trump until at least September. There are now at least indirect talks with Tehran over whether the US will return to the nuclear deal with Iran, which Trump canceled.

Biden focused particularly on the Asia-Pacific region. He launched a diplomatically attractive offensive in the region to form alliances against Beijing. The new US administration views China as the biggest rival at all levels and seeks to curb Beijing’s influence. The first high-level meeting between Washington and Beijing was unusually confrontational.

Shortly before the end of the first 100 days, Biden held an international online climate summit and announced a new climate destination for the United States. After four years of stagnation in the fight against global warming, the United States is back on the world stage.

There is no excitement or politics on Twitter

With Biden, the order is back in the White House. Biden has been involved in political business for decades – first in Congress and then in government. He has stopped a team with similar political experiences.

This technical safety is remarkable. Biden’s day-to-day politics follow suit: the White House makes headlines. First there are the long data sheets and explanatory switches for journalists, then Biden enters in front of the cameras to read a report on the matter from a desk in the White House. Done.

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Biden often sticks to the manuscript and rarely answers questions in these cases. Everything definitely danced. Occasionally there are surprises. There was no politics on Twitter, no nightly announcements, no kicking through tweets, no excitement.

Not only did he consistently surprise the public with his vaults at any time of the day or night, with no political experience, but he was also quite different from Trump, who often had members of his own government.

Conversely, in the early morning, in the evening, and on weekends, nothing can be heard from Pitan. The Washington Post initially dubbed his practice “nine to five presidents.” Others even call his administration “boring.” But the post-Trumpian prognosis should not be confused with one thing: seduction.

In Biden’s 100-day balance sheet: he issued more than 40 orders, signed nearly a dozen laws and changed more than 60 resolutions of his predecessors. According to the US President’s plan, the latter is a record in recent U.S. history. (dpa / thp)

Nearly 100 days after taking office, studies show that US President Biden is more popular than his predecessor, Donald Trump. The majority of American citizens are satisfied with Biden’s work. Nevertheless, in this case he has to admit defeat to previous presidents like Barack Obama or George W. Bush. (Teaser Image: Al Drago-Pool / Getty Images)