January 28, 2023

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“No gathering!” – More than 1380 arrests

In protests against The partial mobilization was ordered by Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin Many people have been arrested in several Russian cities. Civil rights portal OVD-Info counted 1,380 arrests in 38 cities across the country as of Wednesday evening. According to the report, 556 demonstrators were arrested in St. Petersburg alone, and more than 500 in the capital Moscow.

In Moscow, people chanted “No war!” Or “Russia without Putin,” they shouted. Photos and videos show how police officers randomly grabbed most of the young demonstrators and dragged them onto buses. From there the arrested were taken to police stations. There were similarly large protests in the days following the February 24 Russian attack on Ukraine.

Journalists from the AFP news agency observed dozens of arrests in the evening in the capital Moscow and second-largest city St. Petersburg. AFP reporters observed at least 50 people arrested on a shopping street in central Moscow. In St. Petersburg, police rounded up small groups of demonstrators and then arrested the demonstrators one by one.

imago/TASS/Vyacheslav Prokofyev

Arrested in Moscow

Small protests in other cities

Demonstrators chanted “no war” and “no mobilization”. “Everybody’s scared,” said protester Vasily Fedorov in St. Petersburg. “I’m for peace, I don’t want to shoot.” But taking to the streets for these demands in Russia is “very dangerous” – “otherwise there would have been many more”.

“I’m afraid for myself and my brother, who is 25 years old and has served in the army,” said student Oksana Sidorenko. “He might be drafted.”

According to the German Press Agency, quarantined people took to the streets in Tomsk and Irkutsk in Siberia, Yekaterinburg in the Urals and elsewhere. They carried placards with the colors of the Ukrainian flag. Given the massive state repression in Russia, the protests are unlikely to be large.

The video is said to show a demonstration in Moscow

Videos purporting to show ongoing protests in Russia are circulating on social media. Twitter user Russkie Ukraine shared a video of the demonstration in Moscow on Wednesday evening. The profile owner wrote: “Demonstrations in Moscow after the partial mobilization of the Russian Federation ordered by the Führer.” This information could not be independently verified initially.

Authorities threaten stiff prison sentences for demo participation

For example, in the capital Moscow, even before the planned demonstration began, authorities warned against participation: The Lawyers intimidated people with imprisonment up to 15 years. Since the war against Ukraine began nearly seven months ago, the Russian government has taken tough measures, including tough laws, against opposition members and opponents of the war.

In a televised address on Wednesday morning, President Putin ordered a partial mobilization of Russia’s armed forces. A total of 300,000 bookings Protest against Ukraine to confiscate. Russia’s personnel difficulties in the war of aggression that began on February 24 may be the background.

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