December 6, 2022

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No more relief, no more profit tax: FDP becomes an obstacle on government foot – in politics

This crisis shows how stable the moral foundation of a party is. Sometimes it is necessary to deal with multiple crises at once. It sharpens the view of the nature of a political position.

Corona, Climate and War: The problems of the present are summarized in this triangle. Their dimensions are best guessed, and they will occupy the country for years and decades. So sure.

What is more, it has always been important to have a strong government that can make the necessary investments and alleviate financial distress.

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The development of a vaccine against Govt-19 is also possible through a private initiative. But buying it millions of times, setting up testing and vaccination centers, executing short-term jobs, compensating for loss of income, imposing mask requirements and locks: this is only possible through the state and by the state.

The FDP does not want a strong government

Get out of nuclear and coal energy, expand renewable energy, convert fossil fuels, set up electrical connections, and unanimously support the effects of global warming: this is possible only through the state and the state.

Freeing yourself from Russian energy imports, building liquefied gas terminals, investing 100 billion euros in weapons, caring for refugees, supplying weapons: this can only be done by the government.

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FDP Mecklenburg-West Pomerania State Party Conference.Photo: Frank Harmon / DPA

The FDP does not want a strong government. It depends on individual freedom and personal responsibility. In the fight against corona, liberals suggest a higher risk of infection rather than the need for a mask. Opponents of tax increases. They Against the speed limit on highways, petrol prices have been subsidized by a tank discount on traffic lights.

Now the oil companies are pocketing most of that money and increasing their profits. The FDP rejects the idea of ​​imposing a higher profit tax on these profits. Finance Minister Christian Lindner has promised to re-impose the debt ban by 2023.

Inflation of about eight per cent

what is that? Contradictory, immature, grotesque? It’s mainly fun, small and short-sighted. In November 2017, Lindner, the leader of the FDP, broke the Jamaican alliance with the old adage that it is better not to rule than to rule wrongly. Now that we have the responsibility of shaping the country in our hands, the phrase has become the opposite. Obviously, for many liberals, it is better to rule badly than not to rule.

Christian Lindner (FDP), Union Finance Minister. Is it better to rule badly than not to rule?Photo: Fabian Somer / DPA

A fourth challenge is already emerging. Pressure on the state We need to ensure social balance. Nearly eight percent inflation, rising rents, food and energy prices – sooner or later this will turn low-income earners into low-income earners and leave people homeless.

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Order for free now

Particularly vulnerable are the elderly, who receive a low pension, and private households who receive only basic protection. Community associations warn that the front rows of panels will continue to stretch. Social issues are strongly pushed on the agenda of the Traffic Lighting Alliance. All previous relief measures will not reduce this force.

The differences are rhetorically hidden

However, the government has been blocked by the FDP, which categorically rejects any attempt aimed at expanding the state’s financial incentives. It says it is not in the coalition agreement. In other words: nothing reminiscent of Robin Hood’s motto: No wealth tax, no high profit tax, take anything from the rich so you can give to the poor.