December 10, 2022

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No one can look the other way

Good morning, dear reader,

Zambia is a small country. However, it should be in the headlines every day. Newspapers, news websites and radio stations continue to send news from the capital Lusaka, while “Tagesschau” and “heute Journal” send reporter articles. In the African country known by Victoria Falls – twice the area of ​​Germany, 18 million people live, but for many of them the verb “Lebanon” in this sentence should be changed to “suffering”.

In a few countries, the effects of the climate crisis are already being felt as severely as in Zambia, which is not really bad. The drought, which lasted for several months, alternated with heavy rains, with swarms of locusts devouring what was left of the heat and flood. Harvests are thus destroyed one after another, more than last year alone 1.2 million People are hungry – half the population with children. The demand is particularly acute as women and girls traditionally work in the fields.

This is no longer a severe, but a permanent emergency exposed by the people of Zambia. However, the rest of the world was not interested in their fate – now in black and white. Assisted by CARE Problem locations International media around the world last year At least Have reported. For this purpose, he has reviewed over 1.8 million articles in English, French, German, Arabic and Spanish. As my colleague Camila Kors shows, the result is sober: In the sad rankings, after Zambia, there are African and Latin American countries and European countries. Climate crisis plays a significant role almost everywhere.

(Source: D-Online)

The numbers speak for themselves: Organization in 2021 360.000 The article about Prince Harry and his wife Megan’s interview with American television questioner Oprah Winfrey is calculated. It’s about Zambia 512. No wonder no one talked about the emergency there. However, part of the whole truth is that articles about crisis countries generally meet the interest of the younger reader. This is also the case with D-Online. This is understandable at first glance; Countries like Zambia, Niger or Guatemala are far away. Apathy is understandable, but let me say this comment. It is selfish and unjust.

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Of course, we in this country also have some concerns and, moreover, everyone should enjoy their life. Nevertheless, in Germany it seems strange that every day we treat ourselves to delicious food, a warm house, a nice car and entertainment, while millions of people live in filth and have to think every morning about how to feed their children. But ignorance is dangerous because today’s problems in Zambia due to rapid global warming could soon become the problems of countries like Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, yes, Greece, Sicily, Albania. Unlike the people of Zambia, its citizens have more ways and means to defend themselves in Central Europe.

We can not see any other way. For moral reasons, but also for selfish reasons. If you are wondering now: Oh dear, Harmes is coming with an appeal for donation, I answer you: No, just think for a few minutes about your media consumption today. You can definitely donate anyway.

Silesh Muchindika-Nangwane, from Lusaka, the capital of Zambia, uses donations to grow vegetables and corn.  (Source: imago images)Silesh Muchindika-Nangwane, from Lusaka, the capital of Zambia, uses donations to grow vegetables and corn. (Source: imago images)


The world looks at Cobblens

Federal Attorney’s Charge: Crimes Against Humanity. The former Syrian secret service officer must be held accountable for torture in at least 4,000 cases, murders of at least 30 people and multiple rapes and sexual assault cases. Anwar Ruslan | To be in charge. He was reportedly in prison for torture from April 2011 to September 2012 Al-Sadeeb Made in Damascus, for which he is responsible. Federal prosecutors are required to determine the life sentence and the specific offense of the accused, while avoiding the suspension of the sentence after 15 years, while arguing that the Secret Service man’s lawyers should be acquitted and portraying their clients as unwilling followers. (Find out more here). When the Chief Justice announces the verdict today, a process will come to an end It has attracted global attention and is actually suspected in the International Criminal Court in The Hague. That’s the reason World law policy Under international criminal law, war crimes committed by foreigners in other countries are allowed to be investigated The first criminal case for state torture in Syria Held everywhere in Rhineland-Palatinate.

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Lots of hands, one ball

EM second against Olympic champion: With the match between the teams of Croatia and France, The European Volleyball Championship The show’s first sports highlight in Hungary and Slovakia. Our sports department reports live for you. The German national team will play its first group match against Belarus tomorrow in Bratislava.


The final act of mockery

Today the Australian Minister for Migration wants to make a decision Serbian esotericist Novak Djokovic, Also known as a tennis player, despite the Corona vaccine and the misinformation in his entry documents and the protests of angry citizens, he is allowed to stay in the country so he can accumulate a few million at the Grand Slam. My colleague David Digley will show you how the case grows like this.


Read what?

"Lateral thinker"- Struggle in Rostock.  (Source: t-online / Daniel Mützel)The “Unusual Thinkers” Struggle in Rostock. (Source: Daniel Mützel / t-online)

How does a demonstration like the “Peace Vaccine Campaigns” really work? Our correspondent Daniel Mட்சtchell observed in Rostock how right-wing extremists thwarted the path to the “side-thinking” protest march.


Why is the SPD-led federal government stubbornly sticking to the controversial Baltic Sea pipeline Nord Stream 2? The historian Hubertus Knabe discovered in the documents How close Olaf Scholes was to the Kremlin as a young socialist.


Sometimes you have to watch short news on TV. Because they affect you. Because they show who needs our protection. There was such a contribution in the “Heat Journal” (from 8:40 min) yesterday evening.


    (Quelle: imago images / Kyodo News) (Quelle: Kyodo News / imago pics)

Today, ten years ago, the captain of the “Costa Concordia” sailed on a rock in front of the Italian island of Giglio. A new documentary shows how a fatal accident occurred, My colleague Mark van Lupke reports this.

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What fun for me

Zambia is not the only headline. German Press Agency reports on a lighter page: A referee from Zambia actually managed to play a football match Whistle twice as fast. In the African Cup of Nations match between Tunisia and Malik, after 85:06 minutes, he did not realize it and took out his tube. However, the players convinced him that it was not really possible. So he whistled again – finally calling one day after 89:45 minutes. In between he was quickly given a red card. Shortly afterwards, the coach of the Mali team was at a press conference and was informed that the remaining seconds and stop time had yet to be completed. So his kickers went back to the pitch. Unfortunately, the Tunisians did not really realize it. No wonder they scored the only goal in the game. So you stood around for a while until the referee finally finished the game with an energetic whistle. Unfortunately, dpa colleagues did not report whether the audience whistled or laughed.

Congratulations on a happy day. Tomorrow will be the day break from my colleague Johannes Peppermire, and you will hear from me again on Saturday. Sincerely,


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