Nostalgia Wins as Disney+ Amasses 26.5 Million Subscribers in Q1

Nostalgia Wins as Disney+ Amasses 26.5 Million Subscribers in Q1

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For some brands it takes a lifetime to become an epitome, but for Disney, the name is more than enough. In a jaw dropping announcement, the Walt Disney Co. said its new Disney+ streaming service attracted 26.5 million subscribers in the first quarter, since its inception in November. Netflix took five years to reach the same numbers.

Comparing three months to five years, it is known that Netflix launched back in 2007, when DVDs were still preferred way over streaming channels. People at home had easy access to cable connections, and not all were aware of how streaming services functioned.

Yet, for Disney+, the idea isn’t about comparing, but earning profits to remain intact on its ongoing concerned mission. Disney’s CEO Bob Iger said, the streaming service hit a milestone that the Wall street anticipated it to achieve only after five years, but instead all has happened in the blink of an eye.

People globally share pleasant childhood memories with Disney. And for every adult who has grown up watching shows like Hanna Montana, turning towards Disney+ to relive days filled with nostalgia is all, but an obvious choice.

Their power lies with the likes of Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars, the brands that have huge base of fans worldwide. “Without in anyway sounding like we’re bragging, it validates the concept of bringing those brands together,” said Iger.

Meanwhile, consumers have also shown interest in theatrical releases like Toy Story 4 and Avengers: Endgame; to classic Disney Channel shows like Hanna Montana and the long-running Fox animated series, The Simpsons.

Disney+ also has its exclusive content in Mandalorian, which Iger has explained as a “bonafide hit and cultural phenomenon.” The second season of the show is set for October release.

Coming just at a price of $6.99, it is a no bargain when it compared to the rising prices of Netflix. The concept that implies spreading Disney+ cult amidst an environment more prone to adopting streaming services over watching old school television. As of Monday, Disney+ had more than 28.6 million subscribers.

The company is also set with its future plans and has announced that it will launch Disney+ in Western Europe and in India. The streaming service informed that it will stick by the popularity of cricket in India and offer Disney+ with Hotstar service, which it took over as part of its 21st Century Fox acquisition.

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