February 1, 2023

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Not Available in the UK: McDonald’s Milkshakes Expired

Not available in the UK
Milk shakes at McDonald’s are exhausted

UK supply chains are buzzing now. There is a shortage of thousands of truck drivers. For customers, doing without it, and in the case of McDonald’s, a popular drink is not currently available.

Milk stains at British McDonald’s branches have been depleted due to a shortage of truck drivers. “Like many retailers, we currently face delivery issues that affect the availability of personal items. Bottled drinks and milkshakes are not currently available in the UK, Scotland and Wales,” a company spokesman said. According to the BBC, the chain has 1,250 branches in these parts of the country. The problems are due to the shortage of truck drivers carrying goods from A to B.

The shortage of about 100,000 missing truck drivers, estimated by the Workers’ Union of Roadhouses Association, has led many drivers to leave Europe after Brexit. Complicated and expensive visa procedures are now required, which is why nothing new is added. In addition, thousands of drivers retire each month and do not have enough offspring. Tens of thousands of driving exams have been canceled due to the epidemic. The industry is demanding better subsidies for non-authorized visas and driving tests for European drivers.

In UK supermarkets, large gaps in shelves go unnoticed for weeks. The British Retail Federation confirmed “minor interruptions in supply chains”. Tesco, one of the UK’s largest supermarket chains, said it was experiencing occasional disruptions due to a shortage of drivers across the factory. This causes restrictions on some products.

While Sainsbury’s chain is missing individual products, it still points out that there is a huge selection. Gas stations or factories that have to stop their production are also affected. “Everything we get in the UK comes to us in the prison of a truck,” McKenzie said. The shortage of drivers, according to McKenzie, many large supermarkets receive only one instead of three deliveries a day, which is associated with Brexit.

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