September 28, 2022

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“Nothing off the table”: US considers oil embargo possible

“Nothing off the table”
The United States believes it can ban oil imports

Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, calls for energy sanctions were repeated in the United States. This is because the states continue to receive oil from Russia. US President Biden no longer rejects this option.

In response to Russia’s attack on Ukraine, the US government has not explicitly ruled out a possible embargo on Russian oil. When asked about such energy sanctions after talks in Brussels, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said: “Nothing is off the table.” Every day, how previous barriers are implemented and what additional measures are possible is re-evaluated. The United States and its allies have already imposed various sanctions and sanctions that many would not have thought of a few weeks ago.

On Wednesday, US President Joe Biden was asked if his government was considering a ban on Russian oil imports as part of a crackdown on Moscow: “Nothing off the table.” White House spokeswoman Jen Zhaki said in Washington: “We are currently evaluating options to reduce the use of Russian energy, but we are very careful to minimize the impact on families.” However, it should be kept in mind that gas and oil prices will rise if supply in the world market is reduced. Biden has it in mind. The aim is to keep the effects of sanctions on the United States against Russia as small as possible.

Cecilia Roose, chair of the Council of Economic Advisers at the U.S. government’s headquarters, said the United States does not import much Russian oil. But ways to reduce US consumption of Russian energy are being explored. At the end of last year, according to US officials, Russia was the fourth largest importer of crude oil and petroleum products – behind Canada, Mexico and Saudi Arabia. Imports from Russia account for about 5 percent of all U.S. imports in this category.

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