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2020 Presidential Primary Race: Obama asks Hopefuls not to Steer too Left

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Former Democratic President Barack Obama has remained a key player in the Democratic presidential primary race, with the Democratic hopefuls looking forward to his support since the launch of their respective presidential campaigns.

The candidates believe Obama’s massive popularity amongst the Americans can turn the tide of 2020 Democratic primary in their favor.

Until now, Obama has refrained from picking his favorite candidate or making a statement over the upcoming presidential elections, possibly to avoid the scrutiny that might follow. Yet, he has continued to silently pave the way for the Democrats in the presidential primaries.

Last week at the Democratic National Committee fundraiser, Obama asked the Democratic hopefuls to “chill out” and focus on defeating President Donald Trump.

Ahead of the presidential primary race, Obama also asked the Democratic hopefuls to refrain from employing or supporting policies that portray them as a candidate with policies too far to the left.

Moreover, Obama’s stance has cemented the beliefs of many Democrats that the party is treading towards the extremist ideology that may lead to defeat in the 2020 elections.

On the other hand, the Democrats can avoid the defeat if they present a united front and support a candidate with moderate policies, who can augment the overreach of his/her candidates.  

Seeing the previous elections, it is not an unknown fact that there is a high chance of voters backing the candidate with moderate policies as they fear that an extremist candidate, if elected “will completely tear down the system and remake it”.

Speaking in regard to the presidential primary race, Obama said, “When you listen to the average voter — even ones who aren’t stalwart Democrats, but who are more independent or are low-information voters — they don’t feel that things are working well, but they’re also nervous about changes that might take away what little they have.”

Who can be a better example of a candidate winning with moderate ideology than President Trump, who was perceived as “the most moderate GOP nominee in generations” during the 2016 elections.

Trump also avoided basing his 2016 presidential campaign on extremist policies like cutting Medicare benefits that led him to become the 45th president of the country.

With the Democratic Party and its top hopefuls divided over moderate and extremist ideology ahead of the presidential primary race, it remains unclear if history will repeat itself and the Americans will choose a moderate candidate or will they support left-wing progressive candidates?

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