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After Ohio Debate’s Setback, Sen. Warren to Reveal Plan on Medicare for All

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After an eye-opening criticism on Medicare for All at the fourth Democratic debate in Westerville, Ohio, Sen. Elizabeth Warren will soon be releasing a plan on funding of the policy.

The policy runs on an idea of transferring everyone from the private healthcare plan to a government-run health insurance plan, which comes along with several benefits.

Now, it has become a key point for the Democratic hopefuls in their presidential run to gain support of the voters, which is why it had become a sore spot for the Massachusetts Sen. to answer the questions related to its funding, during the Ohio debate.

Speaking at a town hall on Sunday in Iowa, Warren said that she plans to talk about the Medicare for All policy, “over the next few weeks” on how much would it cost and how can the masses pay for it. 

She said, “I think there have been many estimates about what the cost will be, and many different payment streams, and I’ve been working on how to give the exact details to make that work. So, this is something I’ve been working on for months and months and it’s got just a little more work until it’s finished.”

However, according to the recent study by the Urban Institute and the Commonwealth Fund, a massive $32.01 trillion would be needed over a time period of 10 years to fund the Medicare for All policy.

Additionally, the report also claimed that if implemented, the plan would lead to the savings of $886 billion over 10 years and will ensure that no American is left behind as it will lessen the number of people uninsured from 32.2 million to zero.

On the other hand, the only limitation of the report is that it has not included the information on how would the middle class be affected, if Warren’s plan comes into effect and if they would see an increase in taxes.

In response to Warren’s statement on releasing the plans on the Medicare policy, TJ Ducklo, a spokesperson for the Biden campaign said that it is unusual for “someone who has put having a plan for everything at the center of her pitch to voters,” to release plans on the funding and cost of Medicare for All, after the latest scrutiny during the fourth democratic debate.

It remains yet to be seen if Sen. Warren can convert her neck to neck race with former Vice President Joe Biden into a lead, especially with the data released from the Urban Institute and the Commonwealth Fund or if she trails back at a crucial time when democratic primaries are nearly three months away.


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