February 1, 2023

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Omigron: Austria tightens entry rules | DiePresse.com

From Monday, adults in Austria will only be allowed to enter Austria with valid 2-G credentials and a negative PCR test or verified third-party test. Otherwise, passengers should be isolated immediately.

Austria is tightening its entry rules to control the Omigron variant. The Ministry of Health announced on Friday evening that the new regulation will come into effect from next Monday. In the future, only travelers with a valid 2-G certificate will be allowed to travel to Austria. In addition, those who have been vaccinated or recovered should undergo a PCR test of less than 72 hours or a third suture to avoid isolation. If additional PCR testing or booster vaccination is not proven, entry is possible, but home isolation should begin immediately upon entry.

Home isolation will only end if the PCR test conducted upon arrival is evaluated with a negative result. In this case, it is mandatory to register with prior permission to travel.

Austrians, EU and EEA citizens and people living in Austria must submit a valid vaccination certificate or recovery certificate upon entry into the country. Otherwise, ten days of isolation should be initiated. Early free trial is possible from the fifth day. In this case, it is mandatory to register with prior permission for the trip.

Exceptions for pregnant women and those with a medical certificate

Pregnant women and those who cannot be vaccinated for health reasons are excluded from the requirements for 2G diagnosis and additional PCR testing or booster vaccination. The reason for the exception must be proven by a medical certificate. There are also special rules for children.

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Health Minister Wolfgang Mückstein (Greens) said: “These strict entry rules pose great challenges to people going abroad, especially during the Christmas holidays. . “This is the only way to best maintain the current epidemic recession in Austria,” Muxstein said.

Evidence for children

School age children are allowed to enter with Ninja Pass or similar test certificates. The rules do not apply to children under the age of twelve. If the adult wants to isolate himself, you must be in isolation and register prior permission to travel with your spouse. However, according to the latest rules, an eleven-year-old child does not have to be isolated after being vaccinated three or twice and entering the country with a newly PCR-tested parent.

There is an additional exception rule for travelers. The usual 3G rule is in effect here. People need to be vaccinated, recovered or have a negative test.

New landing obstacles

In addition to the strict entry rules, the states of Angola, Zambia and Malawi have also been added to the list of areas of virus variation. Direct flights from these countries are prohibited from landing at all Austrian airports.

Cable car chairman and தேசியVP national councilor Franz Hörl was not too excited about the tightness. The control is “completely unreliable”. The short-term new restriction is very difficult for guests who want to go to Austria for the weekend: “a guest who travels for several days – for example from the Netherlands – will be thanked”.