October 1, 2022

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On video – brutal forced recruitment before kindergarten

Was the father abducted before kindergarten?

The video was first distributed on the Telegram channel “The Real War”, which is dedicated to events on the front and occupied territories of Ukraine and has more than 1.1 million users. As a result, the person in the video is said to be a father who wanted to pick up his child from kindergarten. Soldiers are said to have lined up there to forcibly recruit differently-abled people. The descriptions cannot be independently verified, but they agree with what is known about the situation in the Russian-occupied areas of the Donbass.

“They are actually using the mobilized soldiers as cannon fodder,” Ukrainian Luhansk chief executive Serhii Haidai told T-Online in early July. Haidai explained the tactics of the Russian occupiers like this: “Newly recruited soldiers are taken and thrown to the front. Ukrainian soldiers defend their positions and open fire. That’s how the Russians find out where the Ukrainian troops are hiding. Then the Russians fire. Among them are Ukrainian positions with artillery.”

Conscription ‘virtually a death sentence’

For Ukrainians, conscription by the Russian military is “practically a death sentence,” Kyiv-based war blogger Jay wrote on Twitter. “Ukrainians in the Russian units are sent to the front. Behind them mercenaries from the Wagner group and Chechen fighters shoot anyone who tries to escape.” The Ukrainians were poorly armed and their only task was to “absorb” the artillery of the Ukrainian defenders. Only then will Wagner-Sölder and the Chechens go up.

The actions of the Russians in Eastern Ukraine are nothing new, Executive Chairman Haidai recently wrote in Telegram: “In the occupied territories since 2014, practically every man capable of fighting has already been forcibly recruited in this way. Now even the essential coal workers are quickly passing the ‘joy’ of liberation in the recently occupied villages and towns. gone.” According to Haidai, those who do not come to Ukrainian-controlled areas should now suffer.

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