December 10, 2022

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One escapes and the other negotiates

WithThe Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, which was established after the end of the first Taliban regime in 2001 and fell on Sunday in an attack by the same Taliban, had two presidents. One of them has since been deported to the United Arab Emirates. The other is negotiating the country’s political future with the new rulers in Kabul. Hamid Karzai is the latter, Ashraf Ghani Ex. The story of the two men and the rivalry between them are the conflicts and maneuvers that characterize Afghan politics and sometimes paralyze the country’s leadership – which supported the successful advance of the Taliban.

Kani appeared to allow some self-criticism when he claimed to be seizing power in a video address released on Wednesday evening Taliban The failure of politics, not the military. However, he blamed the peace process primarily on the US administration. Connie said it was really a “war process” that did not reflect the will of the people. Ghani, who has been in office since 2014, has opposed the administration of President Donald Trump from the beginning, which has been negotiating with the Taliban without his involvement since 2018. Again, the government in Kabul faced a disappointment from its US ally – until the abrupt end of Joe Biden in April.

The storm of anger

Still, Kani has faced a storm of anger since leaving the country on Sunday. The president was originally scheduled to travel to Doha to negotiate a transfer of power with the Taliban. Chad Mohseni, the owner of Dolo TV, called Khani a coward and said people would “spit on his grave for a hundred years.” One of the ministers spoke about treason.

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Even Donald Trump “I’m not really confident in the fruit,” the former U.S. president told Fox News. In his view he is a “total cheater”. The spread of the Afghan ambassador to Tajikistan – probably based on Russian reports – the president took with him more than $ 160 million. Since then, there have been calls on social media for Interpol to arrest Khan. He denied the allegation in the video. In fact, he couldn’t even carry the right shoes, and everything happened so quickly.

Eleven-year-old Hamid Karzai has been working his last few days to move back — with a more uncertain outcome — while 72-year-old Ghani was enjoying the low point of his career. On Sunday evening, the president announced the establishment of a coordinating committee to talk to the Taliban from 2001 to 2014. Besides himself, there is the body of politicians and warrior Gulbuddin Hogmadyar Contact Abdullah He has long been a contender for power with Ghani and is considered Karzai’s political ally. Abdullah shouted some obscene words after Ghani escaped in a Facebook video (“God holds him accountable”), while Karzai made no public statements.