Fentanyl Drug Bust

Operation Cookout: 14 Million Lives Saved with Fentanyl Drug Trafficking Exposition

in Virginia

The law enforcement authorities of Virginia carried out a Fentanyl drug bust, exposing drug trafficking in three states and detaining 35 people. It is of notion that the trafficking might have led to the death of at least 14 million people.

The authorities named the entire operation carried out as “Operation Cookout”. The law enforcement officers have confiscated more than 30 kilograms of fentanyl, 30 kilograms of heroin, and five kilograms of cocaine, 24 firearms and cash of more than $700,000.

US Attorney of the Eastern District of Virginia G. Zachary Terwilliger informed that four suspects are still at large – Jennifer Bing, Parris McMillan, Mark David and Travis Walters.  He also linked the Fentanyl drug bust with China and said that the drug-smuggling ring is an example of Fentanyl imported from China.

He further added that amongst all the detainees from Operation Cookout, at least one suspect requested the drug from a dealer in Shanghai and that the US Postal Service delivered the order successfully to Newport News, Virginia

Following the arrest, he said, “The illicit fentanyl that’s coming in, the vast majority is from China and a lot of it is coming in through the mails. The last thing we want is for the US Postal Service to become the nation’s largest drug dealer and there are people way above my pay grade working on that, but absolutely it’s about putting pressure on the Chinese.”

The Fentanyl drug bust took more than 120 law enforcement authorities from 30 law enforcement agencies, to ensure the success of Operation Cookout. The three-state wide operation was carried out in three days across the states of Virginia, North Carolina, and Texas.

According to the authorities, the suspects range from the 19 to 63 years of age and used hidden traps in vehicles to smuggle the drugs. One of the suspects detained was deported in 2014.

The suspects have been charged with 106-counts involving conspiracy to distribute and possess with intent to distribute cocaine, heroin, cocaine base, and fentanyl; conspiracy to launder money; felon in possession of a firearm; maintaining a drug-involved premises; use of a communication facility in furtherance of drug trafficking; interstate travel in aid of racketeering enterprises; and illegal re-entry by a previously deported or removed alien.

Following the Fentanyl drug bust, Hampton Police Chief Terry Sult said, “If you’re out there, you’re using firearms, you’re dealing drugs and you’re hurting people in our communities, this is the group of people that’s coming after you. And we’re relentless.”


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