November 30, 2022

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“Orders will be violated”: Kremlin: Partial mobilization not going according to plan

“It violates the mandate.”
Kremlin: Partial mobilization not going according to plan

With partial mobilization in Russia, reports of disturbances are piling up: men wrongly conscripted, violence during recruitment, protests. Kremlin spokesman Peskov now openly admits. According to him, Putin could make an important speech at the weekend.

In the face of numerous reports of coercion and violence during the recruitment of reservists, the Kremlin has admitted violations of regional mobilization. “In fact, there are cases of violations of (President Vladimir Putin’s) decree,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said, according to Interfax. “We hope that the speed of elimination will increase and that any errors will be corrected.”

Putin ordered partial demobilization in the wake of a protracted war of aggression against Ukraine and after several defeats by his own army. 300,000 reservists are to be drafted into the Russian army. Responsibility for organizing conscription rests with regional governors and local district military transfer offices.

At the same time, Peskov stressed that the Russian leadership has not yet decided on the introduction of martial law. He also said that there is no decision on that at present. If martial law is introduced, able-bodied men will not be allowed to leave Russia. Tens of thousands of men are currently fleeing Russia to avoid joining the Russian war in Ukraine.

Peskov did not want to confirm Putin’s planned speech to both houses of parliament on Friday, which has been criticized internationally as a violation of international law, following the conclusion of a rigged referendum in the occupied Ukrainian territories. However, the Kremlin will announce in good time whether Putin is planning an appearance. So far, Putin is expected to accept the territories into the Russian Federation as early as Friday. Mock polling will be held till Tuesday.

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