Oregon sex offender

Oregon Sex offender gets 22 years after missing boy, 14, found in his room

in Virginia

Recently, an Oregon sex offender was convicted to be in the federal jail for 20+ years. The judgment is announced after the officials discovered a boy, aged fourteen (14), in his halfway house where the boy was residing with the culprit.

According to the report made by the Oregonian, the first meeting or knowing to each other has happened through an app of an online game. Brendon Robert Louis Doyle who is 26 years old started exchanging texts with the boy. Their reach also extended up to Skype. Surprisingly enough, Doyle was already a proved guilty of sexually molesting a boy of 13. That case was around 8 years ago, in 2010 when he had just returned from jail after long 6+ years. He was on his probation period.

Doyle made to reach the teenager’s house in Vancouver, Wash. in Feb 2017. From there, he along with the boy went to Beaverton, Ore where his own halfway house is situated. Whereas the Prosecutor informed all these, Fox 12 Oregon revealed the consequent news of the boy’s missing report. However, the legal officials successfully tracked the IP address registered in Doyle’s name and found the boy there. The search tool almost two weeks.

The Oregonian said that Doyle is declared guilty in the federal judiciary in July of crossing the state lines in an attempt to pursue his illegal sexual activity.

The report announced that after passing his 22 years in jail, Oregon Sex offender’s punishment will also keep on impacting his later life through the legal supervision. Robert E. Jones, the U.S. District Judge, suggested Doyle, the guilty, to spend time working in a Virginia federal prison so that he can be a part of the management program which is practiced there targeting the improvement of the sex offenders.


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