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Outrage over US border guards: Biden threatens consequences

As of: 25.09.2021 1:38 am

US President Biden has strongly criticized the actions of the border police against refugees from Haiti. “These people will make amends,” he said. The refugee camp in Texan City is now closed.

U.S. President Joe Biden has sharply criticized the authorities after criticizing the actions of U.S. border guards against Haitian refugees. “It’s outrageous,” Biden told the White House. “I assure you, these people will make amends,” the president added. “There will be consequences.” What happened there is “dangerous” and “wrong” and sends the wrong signal – nationally and internationally.

Photos and videos of border guards stationed near Del Rio, a Texan city on the Mexican border, sparked outrage earlier in the week. Among other things, one can see how a policeman on a horse catches a Haitian with his T-shirt. In other films the police officers seem to be swinging their long control in a threatening manner. U.S. Secretary of Defense Alejandro Myorgas said the incidents were being investigated. Biden also mentioned the investigation.

15,000 under a bridge

Thousands of Haitians from Mexico tried to enter the United States. At times the images of more than 15,000 people staying under a bridge in Del Rio caused a stir. The camp has now been disbanded, according to the Ministry of Homeland Security. The last person, mainly Haitian immigrants, left the area or was taken away.

Most recently, only about 225 people stayed in the makeshift camp. Del Rio Mayor Bruno Lozano called the eviction “wonderful news.” Many Haitians are threatened with deportation to their homeland.

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8000 went voluntarily

Majorcos told reporters at the White House that there had been no settlers in the camp under the Del Rio Bridge since Friday morning. About 2,000 people were brought to Haiti on 17 deportation flights. Others were taken to shelters along the border. “Many of them will be brought to Haiti from there,” the minister said.

An estimated 8,000 immigrants have voluntarily returned to Mexico, Myorgas said. About 12,400 people will be asked by immigration judges to decide whether or not to stay in the United States. In 5000 other cases, the Homeland Security Commission is examining possible repatriation. A total of 30,000 immigrants have arrived in the small border town since September 9th.

Criticism of UNICEF

But this approach also faces harsh criticism from Democrats. Haitians have sought humanitarian protection in the United States after the government recently expanded security to nearly 100,000 Haitians already in the United States. But this is not the case for newcomers from poor countries in the Western Hemisphere.

The United States and Mexico sought to end the growing political and humanitarian situation on the border. This led to the resignation of the US government’s special envoy to Haiti in protest of the “inhumane” deportation of Haitian immigrants from the United States to their homeland.