December 10, 2022

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PARIS: Is the TV report about ministers’ secret restaurant visits for fun?

In France Provides television reporting on secret restaurants Paris Causing constant excitement. One person anonymously stated in the statement that he “had dinner with a certain number of ministers.” Pierre-Jean Salenion, now a Napoleonic expert and the owner of an event center in Paris, has identified himself as a source and declared his statements to be false. Through his lawyer, he knew it was a joke on Sunday evening. He wanted to be “funny”.

Salonen is believed to be under pressure as authorities are already investigating the report of M6, a private television broadcaster. “Le Parisian” newspaper announced. The broadcaster has not yet commented on the incident Twitter It is rumored that the police have launched an investigation.

Restaurants and bars in France have been closed since the end of October due to the Corona crisis. In the contribution, Salenon, who is not shown and only referred to as the “collector”, says: “We are a democracy. Do what you want.”

Attorney Rummy Heights said Sunday that police should check to see if the evening has been organized in violation of health rules. The “ultimate organizers and participants” must be identified. In addition to the accusation of endangering others, there is also an investigation into what is alleged to be illegal work.

Government spokesman Gabriel Atal directly denied the report. “I didn’t even believe it for a second,” he said. Members of government have a duty to be “utterly sinful and exemplary”. “All ministers abide by the rules without exception,” Economic Affairs Minister Bruno Le Myre promised.

Interior Minister Gerald Durman insisted the rules were “the same for everyone.” Those in affluent environments should not receive preferential treatment.

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Secretary of State Marilyn Schiappe had declared that if ministers or members of parliament attend such secret banquets, they should be “punished just like any other citizen.” In response to a Twitter user’s request that ministers be required to vacate their posts “at any time” if such violations occur, Xiappa responded to the online service: “It goes without saying, with fines.”

The report was discussed in detail on Twitter on Sunday. Under the catchphrase #Onveutlesnoms, which translates to “we want names”, participants were asked to be held accountable.

France is currently undergoing a third corona wave and related restrictions. A nationwide lockout came into effect for the third time on Saturday.