January 27, 2023

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Parliamentary election in Hungary: Orbans Fidesz with clear victory

Status: 4/4/2022 11:29 am

A victory was expected for Urban – but the clarity surprised even his own camp. The Prime Minister can continue to rule with a two-thirds majority.

Right-wing Prime Minister Victor Orban celebrated an unexpected victory in the parliamentary elections in Hungary. His Fidesz party received 53 percent of the vote, as the Hungarian election office counted 99 percent of the vote this morning. As a result, the party won 135 of the 199 seats in parliament. As a result, Orban will be able to rule for a fourth consecutive term with a two-thirds majority through a constitutional amendment.

The opposition coalition “Hungary in Unity” fell far short of expectations. The six-party coalition of the Left, Green, Liberal and Right Spectrum won only 35 percent of the vote and 56 seats. Pre-election polls put Fidesz’s one to ten percent lead. The far-right party, Anser Heimut, entered parliament with six percent of the vote and seven seats. The mandate for national races went to the representative of the German minority, who is considered an ally of the Fidesz party. The turnout four years ago was nearly 70 percent.

Embassies for the EU and Zelenskyy

“We had a huge victory,” Orban told supporters on election night. “A hit is so powerful, you can see it even from the moon, but of course you can see it from Brussels.” He noted his persistent conflicts with the EU since 2004. Massive international powers are positioning themselves against us, ”he continued. Among the many opponents of his nationalist policies he considered himself the “international left, Brussels, the international media and the President of Ukraine.” Volodymyr Gelenskiz recently called on the Orphanage Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin to step down and side with Ukraine, which has been attacked by Russia.

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Leading opposition candidate Peter Margie-J admitted defeat. “It was a random and impossible fight, but we faced it,” he said. “We were in an unequal situation, with our legs tied, and we got into this fight with a spear in our back, but we did not win.”

Voters seem to be happy in Orban

Margi-J, a non-party conservative, is the mayor of the small town of Hotmesovsheli in southeastern Hungary. The opposition coalition chose him as their primary candidate in the primary elections they organized last fall.

Election analysts say the unexpected clear victory of the government camp is due to the fact that a majority of voters are satisfied with the state of the country. During Arban’s 12-year rule, the living conditions of many Hungarians improved. At the same time, the head of government was able to calm the minds of the people in view of the Russian war against Ukraine.

Questionable campaign

He belied his close relationship with the leadership in Moscow, saying that only he could “keep Hungary out of the war.” He half-heartedly supported the EU sanctions against Russia. He, in turn, accused the opposition of “dragging the country into war” without presenting any evidence.

According to critics, Arban’s dominance in politics in Hungary is dictatorial. He shut down independent newspapers, radio stations and Internet websites. During the election campaign, only one-eighth of the billboard was reserved for the opposition, compared to the Fidesz ad. In the public service media, the Urban government has been praised without criticism for twelve years, while those in opposition are ignored or slandered.