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Parliamentary election in the Czech Republic: Does Bobbis get the “cream of the cake”?

Status: 10/08/2021 11:28 am

Two-day parliamentary elections have begun in the Czech Republic. Prime Minister Bobby’s ANO wants to continue to rule. But coalition partners can fail – and revelations about foreign deals give the opponent a tailspin.

Peter Lange, ARD Studio Brock

Svetlana Widowska, moderator of the last debate on Czech television, seemed somewhat relieved that it was over: she thanked the top people of the most important parties for repeatedly explaining their positions and encouraging themselves to “nurtured debate”.

Peter Lange
ARD-Studio Brock

“My main goal is continuity and stability,” said Prime Minister Andrzej Babis. His ANO movement can position itself as a strong force in the parliamentary elections with a slight loss of 25 percent. However, it is not clear what effects the reports will have on his foreign business.

Bobby presented himself as the savior of the Czech Republic

“Now is the time for political change,” stressed Peter Fiala, a challenger from the ODS. He was recently the top candidate for the Conservative three-party coalition Spool, which was recently behind the ANO. Fiala wants to replace the pirates’ liberal electoral alliance with the mayor’s party, STAN, instead of the Bobbies. It will be tight.

No election campaign was developed. When they became dangerous to him in the spring, Babis closed the robbery party with an indictment, some of which were absurd, thus making them defensive. He promised to give more money to pensioners and civil servants and showed himself to be the savior of the country: illegal migration and the EU’s climate policy.

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Voting for him is “the last chance to defend our national interests, our quality of life, our culture and our identity” – Bobbis campaigned for himself and his party.

The nearly 8.4 million citizens who now have the right to vote are being called to make new decisions today and tomorrow regarding the allocation of 200 seats in the House of Representatives.

ANO receives the “cream of cake”

Getting a parliamentary majority may be his biggest problem. This is because the Communists, who have tolerated him and his Social Democratic ally, the CSSD, are threatening to fail with a five percent ban.

As a junior partner of ANO, CSSD has been able to implement many community projects. But she did not use it, as Social Democratic Labor Minister Jana Malakova admits: “People are grateful we got all these things. But somehow our coalition partner is getting out of the cream cake.” “I think this is a communication problem.”

Bobby’s sea business is shaking

The Conservative Alliance has a lot to do with the neo-liberal tradition of the Czech Republic: high market, leanness and, above all, solid finance are their priority.

“I firmly believe that the main theme for the next four years should be national debt control,” said Marquette Bekorova-Adamova, head of the Liberal-Conservative TOP09.

Over the past few days the election campaign has been dominated by reports of Bobby’s secret maritime deals. He, as always, dismissed all allegations as propaganda against him: when it comes to tricky EU subsidies or the European Commission-certified interest conflict. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

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