February 2, 2023

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Partial mobilization: Russians prefer to leave instead of advance | Politics

Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin, 69, announced the partial demobilization on Wednesday. According to experts, it will end in a mega failure, apparently shocked its own people! Viewers on Twitter spoke of panic in the country.

The result: After the warlord announced that he was sending 300,000 new soldiers to Ukraine, more Russians wanted nothing more than to leave rather than go forward! Long traffic jams form at the first borders. According to internet data, demand for one-way flights has exploded.

Marching under the symbol of war: soldiers of the Russian National Guard (Rosgardia) in Sevastopol, annexed in 2014 (archive image)

Photo: Uncredited/dpa

Statistics from Google Trends show that searches for Aviasales, the most popular Russian website for buying flights, have increased. Direct flights from Moscow to Istanbul and Yerevan (Armenia) – both destinations where Russians do not need entry visas – were already sold out on Wednesday, Aviasales reported.

For example, some routes with stops from Moscow to Tbilisi are also unavailable. Cheap flights from the capital to Dubai cost 300,000 rubles (about 5,000 euros), five times the average Russian monthly wage.

Prices for other destinations such as Belgrade also exploded. Example Istanbul: A trip that cost about 500 euros suddenly costs 2500 euros in the coming days.

Webcam recording shows traffic jam towards the Finnish border

Webcam recording shows traffic jam towards the Finnish border

Photo: Fintraffic/Digitraffic, CC 4.0 BY

Witnesses reported on Twitter that the first Russians ready to leave the country were turned away at the border. The Kremlin has so far remained silent on the border closure. Webcams show a long traffic jam forming on the border between Russia and Finland towards Finland – the last link to the west.

Even Muscovites are no longer safe from Putin’s warmongering. Residents warn of military patrols moving in, stopping people on the street and issuing summonses for military service. The Kremlin’s important portal “Where is Russia today?” Quoting an eyewitness: “They (the army) took three boys from the street and put them in a military unit.”

Crazy: Online searches for “how to break your arm” have also increased dramatically. For many Russians, the prospect of pain and a few weeks of plaster is still better than burning in the front.

Partial mobilization in Russia Putin’s Global Threats

Source: BILD / Reuters / AP


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