September 28, 2022

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Penn State vs.

Penn State vs.

Ben State beats Purdue 21-10 in the first half of a game that saw a massive swing just before the halfway whistle. Both teams made mistakes, allowing the other side to benefit. Penalties kept the leadership going which brought both teams down, but the first turn of the night probably turned this game on its head.

After Penn State led 14-10 late in the first half, Purdue put up a good campaign and was in the Pennsylvania Territory when TJ Sheffield was stripped by Zackie Wheatley. Penn State’s Joey Porter recovered the confusion, but instead of kneeling and going into the locker room with a shot, Penn State was aggressive and took the shots on the field. Sean Clifford found a tight end for Brenton Strange for a 67-yard drop with two seconds left in the inning to become a 21-10 game. If there’s any good news for Purdue, she’ll have the ball to start the second half with none of the middlemen having a remarkably great game in 30 minutes. In fact, Penn State’s best player might be Barney Amore of Pennsylvania, who has done an excellent job of pinning the boilermakers deep into their territory with his kicks.

Keep it closed with CBS Sports all evening long for live updates, analysis, and highlights as these two big 10 rivals intertwine in the crossover division.

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