February 2, 2023

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Personnel exchange at the ISS: Astronauts return in diapers

Team exchange in the ISS
The astronauts return in diapers

Before the German astronaut Maurer flies to the ISS, four astronauts set up space and return to Earth. They are undressed in diapers because the toilet on their SpaceX transport ship is broken. A NASA astronaut sees this as a “small challenge”.

Four astronauts were unloaded from the International Space Station on Monday without an operating toilet aboard their “Crew Dragon” ship. The so-called “Crew-2”, comprising French astronaut Thomas Pesket and NASA astronauts Shane Kimpro and Megan McArthur and Japanese astronaut Akihiko Hoshaid, is about to land in the sea near the US state of Florida. On Tuesday, the US space agency NASA announced.

The astronauts on SpaceX’s Elon Musk’s “Crew Dragon” ship have broken a toilet, so four astronauts on the ISS from April will have to wear a diaper when they return. McArthur told a news conference that it was “extreme”. “But there are a lot of small challenges in space travel and we are ready to tackle them.”

It was originally scheduled to open on Sunday, but was postponed to Monday on short notice due to bad weather.

The quartet now left the space station before the arrival of German astronaut Matthias Mauer and three astronauts. Their flight from the Cape Canaveral space base in Florida to space has been postponed several times. Once, the space flight was postponed due to bad weather.

At another postponement, according to NASA, one of the team members had a “minor medical problem”. The first rocket of “Crew-3” with Maurer is scheduled to launch on October 30. Opening is now scheduled for Wednesday at 9:03 pm (local time; Thursday 3:03 am CET). After the departure of “Crew-2”, only two Russian astronauts and one American astronaut operated the ISS.

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