December 10, 2022

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Peschiera: Riot gang catches women on Lake Karda – News Abroad

Peschiera – When the mob left, Peschiera Mayor Orietta Gaiulli was shocked: “We saw war one day.”

About 1500 to 2000 young people attacked the peaceful city on Lake Carta (Italy), rioting, attacking tourists and destroying shop windows. Education, boxing and bottles were thrown at the police.

The mob is said to be roaming the streets of Peschiera herePhoto: TWITTER

Offenders: Mainly young people, mostly immigrants from North Africa. They traveled to “Republic Day” on June 2 and chanted “This is Africa”.

Meanwhile, the incident has sparked heated political debates in Italy – countless women have been captured and harassed by men from the mob. Thirty suspects are being investigated.

German-Israeli psychologist Ahmed Masood tweeted: “It does not start with harassing women on the street. It starts with the idea of ​​purity and dignity that a woman should protect her virginity …”

Calls for a new gang are spreading in the coming days in Richion, near Rimini.

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