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Pete Buttigieg Falsely Accused of Sexually Assaulting a Student

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Another Democratic presidential hopeful has been caught in the fire of controversy after being falsely accused of sexually assaulting a 21-year-old student.

Hunter Kelly, a student at Ferris State University in Michigan, falsely accused Pete Buttigieg of assaulting him.

In a post on Medium, Kelly wrote, “My name is Hunter Kelly. I am 21 years old. This is by far the hardest thing I have ever had to do…I was sexually assaulted by Mayor Pete Buttigieg. I didn’t know who he was back in February, only that he told me he was an important politician. When I started seeing him on television three weeks ago as a Presidential candidate, I thought about coming forward.”

“I am a gay man. I have been grappling with my identity for a number of years. I live, work, and attend college in rural Michigan,” Kelly continued. “I know that by coming forward, I will make a hard life even harder. But I must do so — I must do so — for my country, for other gay men like me, and most importantly to stop a very bad man from becoming President of the United States.”

Pete Buttigieg has been vocal about his sexual preferences. He has been a great intellectual, and has the potential to win his voters with his intelligence and outspoken qualities. He aims to bring “a new generation of leadership” with him.

Against the allegations put forward by Hunter Kelly, Buttigieg on Monday claimed his innocence, saying his rivals were framing his name to harm his reputation.

Due to widespread commotion with the made-up allegations against Buttigieg, Kelly on Monday took the former’s stance, denying the credibility of the post. He said that Buttigieg had never sexually assaulted him and claimed that the tweeted details of abuse in the account under his name and picture were false.

 “It’s important for everyone to know that I was not sexually assaulted and would never falsely accuse anyone,” Hunter Kelly wrote on Facebook.  

He said that the conservative lobbyist Jack Burkman and conspiracy theorist Jacob Wohl were behind the fake allegations. They used Hunter’s identity to create the false story and account in order to stop Buttigieg from his campaigning and even flew the former to Washington, D.C.

 Kelly argued that he never agreed with their views and was surprised to find such a made up story. “I went to bed and woke up to a fake Twitter @RealHunterKelly and an article that I in no way endorsed or wrote,” he added. 

Hunter Kelly thereby decided to come up with the truth to free Buttigieg from the false accusations of being an assaulter. “I have since left and am working on a formal statement to give to everyone including the Buttigieg family,” he added.

The misleading Medium post has been deleted, while the fake account has been deactivated on Kelly’s statements.

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